Pray for CUBA!


Las Tunas, Cuba February 4-6 2017

The Mission

Once again, we’ve been given an opportunity to share God’s love and a message of hope in Cuba. In recent years, we’ve been invited to visit local pastors and encourage the Cuban Church. Now, the recent increase in diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba has made traveling easier. We believe the past few years was just the beginning of what God is about to do there!
The time is now for an unprecedented opportunity to share the Gospel in Cuba. In this historic moment, we have the privilege of sharing Jesus in the city of
Las Tunas, February 4-6, 2017.
Right now, God is at work in Cuba, and we are honored to partner with Him and YOU to be a blessing to the Cuban people. Thank you so much for making this dream a reality.
Together, we will be able to make an eternal impact in the lives of people
in this emerging nation. Join me in this historic opportunity, by praying
and giving right now to transform Cuba!

The City

As a nation, Cuba is in a unique cultural moment. Las Tunas is one of the largest cities in Cuba, with an estimated 175,000 people, situated in the southern region of the Island. 
The city is known for its rich cultural significance. It’s a hub for local art and music. Unofficially, Las Tunas has been dubbed the “City of Sculpture” because of the numerous pieces of art scattered around the city. I plan to use their “art” to share the Gospel. Therefore, I believe God’s message of hope will spread throughout the region.
There is also great need in Cuba. Due to the long-standing embargo and other economic factors, there is a substantial opportunity for us to meet the practical needs of the Cuban people in their everyday lives. Please help me make this happen by responding to this opportunity. 

The Need

There are many way to join the cause at MSI, YOU can join today to help take the gospel to Cuba by:
PRAYING: Sign up to receive email updates about our Cuba mission.
Stay current with what’s happening and partner with us by faithfully praying
for the work there.
GIVING: In order to have the greatest possible impact in Las Tunas, we need your financial support today.

YOUR Prayer and Support will achieve:

  • Gospel Proclamation
  • Evangelism Concert
  • Youth Conference
  • School of Evangelism
  • Training Local Churches 

For more information on partnering with MSI, please contact us at:

Mike Silva International

PO Box 8808

Portland, OR 97207




Watch the Trujillo, Peru Video Report


A Special Audio Message from Mike


Lives Changed For Eternity

Results from the Festival in Trujillo!

The results from Trujillo, Peru are in. We are so grateful for all the Lord did and we are especially grateful for all YOU did to make this festival happen!theyoungrens_msi_trujillo_peru_festival2_030

* 27,362 recorded decisions for Christ
* 25,000 attended the FestiKids childrens festival
* 3,547 attended the Pastors Conference
* 267 attended Workshops and Trainings
* 61,187 students heard the Gospel message
* 217 partnering churches
* 3, 268 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
* 1,716 people now have clean drinking water

Festival Por La Vida Continues!

It was another electric and power packed lineup of artists this second festival night.  Incredible music that people love and who have the ability to draw masses, but all artists who love the Lord and point people to Christ all throughout the night. 
The Lord used Mike in a mighty way as he proclaimed the Gospel again last night.  The people were so attentive and like the previous night, responded in overwhelming numbers when Mike gave the invitation to receive Christ.  There has been a unique and supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this place and we are seeing God move in ways and volumes we have never seen before.  So we praise God for that!  Thank you for your faithful and powerful prayers that have been answered here this week.  
If you missed it, you can still go and watch the recording of the live streamed events from both nights on Festival Por La Vida’s Facebook page.
Mike using the Peruvian flag as a spiritual application illustration for the Gospel.
Headlining Artist, Vico C


One of the most exciting and highly anticipated components of Festival Por La Vida is our kids festival, FestiKids. It’s a family friendly festival for children with clowns, games, face painting, captivating skits, and an age relevant Gospel message. It was an incredible turnout here in Trujillo and we saw thousands of children ask Jesus in their hearts before the main festival even began!  This is why we’ve come!

Water Well Project

MSI is always extremely intentional to provide the communities we enter with not only compassion aid projects, but those that reflect the needs of the community. In Trujillo, this was a Water Well project for the small hamlet of San Edelfonso, located just outside the city.
At the dedication ceremony, the resounding sentiment was that of overwhelming gratitude. This was an undertaking that they could not afford and for this reason their previous water system had been damaged due to vandalism and had been broken for years, providing water for only about 2 minutes per day in an amount insufficient for the needs of the 245 families in the community averaging about 12 individuals per family. We are happy to report that the new water system and 6 additional holding tanks installed will provide all the towns water needs.

This dedication was a celebration for both parties. As a thank you to our team local students preformed several cultural dances. Afterwards, members of our team preformed a powerful evangelistic skit for them, followed by an invitation given by Mike. Many raised their hands and accepted Jesus!

Mike dedicating the Water Well with the Mayor.

Festival Por La Vida!

WOW! Arriving at the Festival, the air was absolutely saturated with excitement. At that time, the initial crowd was notably impressive, but as the countdown clock on the big screen continued to  run down,  it grew exponentially alongside with the excitement.
The Festival Por La Vida promises good life, good music, and good news and it delivered! The good music kicked off with local artist, Willie Malpartida, followed by recording artist and worship leader Nathan Ironside and then an electrifying performance by  crowd favorite Raza for Christ. The night ended with the highly anticipated award winning duo Tercer Cielo who brought down the house.
When Mike took the stage he gave a clear and powerful message from Mark 10, the story of Bartimaeus. His invitation was his powerful testimony of loss, anger, forgiveness, and redemption, and thousands responded with tear filled eyes — a visual illustration that Festival Por La Vida is not merely an event, but a rather harvest for the kingdom of God! Juan Carlos Rodriguez said it best when he told the crowd, “This is called, ‘Festival Por La Vida’, and there is life here tonight…” there was life and life abundant and many accepted. 
If you missed it last night, you missed out. The good news is that you can watch the recording of the live streamed event on Festival Por La Vida’s Facebook page, and that you have another opportunity at 4:00 P.M. PST Tonight for day 2 of the Festival to
WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE! We cannot wait for you to join us then!!!
Nathan Ironside
Raza for Christ
Mike preaching the Gospel.
Tercer Cielo