The Results from Xela are in!


Once again, God poured out His blessing and favor on the ministry of the Gospel this month in Xela, Guatemala.  It’s like Mike always says, “God loves it when men speak well of His Son.”  When our goal is to make the name of Jesus known, God produces results only He is capable of! 

Thousands upon thousands attended the Festival and many of them heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time!  As you read the statistics about those who came to Christ last week at the festival, know this: it is a direct result of your support and prayer.  Thank you! ,

25 volunteers from the United States were divided into two “Serve Teams” and visited a variety of different groups throughout the week.  For example, the Serve Teams went to villages (a couple were in mountainous regions quite a distance from Xela), churches, day cares, a community outreach facility, and a martial arts studio.

Each day, both Serve Teams visited 2-4 locations and spread the Gospel by performing drama, sharing their testimonies, explaining the Gospel using the “wordless bracelet,” and by giving gifts.  Hundreds of stuffed animals and hundreds of wordless bracelets were given out to children, people were given soccer balls and others were given clothes.  One village received large quantities of beans and rice.  As a result of the Serve Teams, many people received Christ as Lord and Savior before ever attending the Festival on Saturday night. 

Also, an estimated 11,000 people from three villages are now drinking clean water as a result of the well restoration project in Xela.  The villagers dug a ditch five feet deep approximately a quarter mile and we provided the finances to replace the shoddy pipe with new, suitable pipe that will be servicing their villages for years to come. 

In addition to the Serve Teams and the Compassion Aid projects, God worked mightily at the festival and the pastor’s conference as well!  Below are some of the results:


14,212 people received Christ at the Festival!

1,850 people were trained to pray with decision makers

208 churches partnered with the festival

1,550 people attended the pastor’s conference

11,000 (est.) kids attended the “Festikids” children’s festival


We couldn’t have reached the wonderful people of Xela, Guatemala without your help.  Thank you for your support and your prayer.  This is your fruit! 


Festival por la Vida Rocks Xela, Guatemala!


Last night, at Festival por la Vida, God exceeded every expectation our team had!  First, there was a better than expected crowd.  In addition to the festival, Xela’s soccer team had a home playoff game; and there was a holiday event in downtown Xela with free beer and fireworks.  Despite the other events in Xela, locals remarked that they had never seen any crowd like the one at Festival por la Vida!  Local pastor, Juan Pablo Avelar – while looking from the platform – asked, “is this really my city?”

There was also a better than expected response to the Gospel!  Mike Silva delivered an impassioned message to a captivated audience.  By sharing the story of David and Goliath, He encouraged the audience to overcome giants (hardship and adversity) and to overcome fear by finding courage in turning to Jesus.  The message brought many to tears, including some from our own team. 

When Mike gave the invitation to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, the entire festival grounds grew completely silent.  What seemed like the whole crowd raised their hands to heaven.  In fact, the response was so great, we still do not know how many decisions for Christ were made in Xela because the team is still counting the decision cards that were turned in!


There was better than expected performances by crowd favorites Vertical and Raza for Christ.  Many US Serve Team members said they had never seen so much energy and excitement in a crowd before.  Headliners Tercer Cielo were welcomed with cheering that could be heard from miles away. 

Many more photos and details are still coming, including the complete number of decisions for Christ.  Stay connected to the latest information by checking continuing to check our blog and Facebook page.


More Pictures from the Ministry in Xela, Guatemala

We’d love to tell you every story; we’d love to share with you about every changed life here in Xela.  But, there are just too many stories to tell!  Below you will find a small selection of photos from the ministry happening as we speak in Xela.


Village in the mountains outside of Xela.

Village in the mountains outside of Xela.


Guatemalans walk down a village street.

Team member Nancy Dice dances with villagers!

Team members dancing with villagers!

Team members handing out gifts to villagers

Team members handing out gifts to villagers

Group of police officers praying

Group of police officers praying

Girl receives candy from team member.

Girl receives candy from team member.

Team members dancing and singing in Xela.

Team members dancing and singing in Xela.

Sharing the Gospel at city hall with police officers.

Sharing the Gospel with police officers.


Worship at the "Fruit that Remains" conference.

Worship at the “Fruit that Remains” conference.

Carolyn Bailey teaches God's Word

Carolyn Bailey teaches God’s Word

Smiling boy in Xela

Smiling boy in Xela

US team member and local woman greeting one another.

Team member and local woman greeting one another.

Pastors and Church Leaders are Inspired at the “Fruit that Remains” Pastor’s Conference

theyoungrens_14Last night, in the heart of Xela, pastors and leaders from all over the region flooded a large church building for the “Fruit that Remains” conference.  There was only standing room available as the sanctuary was filled with celebratory worship music, and passionate prayer.

Messages from Mike Silva and Pastor Yasser Rivas inspired and emboldened leaders to fervently serve the Lord during the festival season, but also to effectively make disciples of those who make decisions for Christ in the months and years to come. 

In a powerful demonstration, Mike Silva illustrated his heart to serve the city of Xela, by washing the feet of local pastor Juan Pablo Avelar.  The entire audience was moved, and many were brought to tears as they witnessed Mike on his knees serving the church.

Pastor Yasser’s challenging message prompted a massive response of prayer and worship.  Hundreds gathered at the front of the sanctuary to be prayed for by the team of pastors and to praise God as the band led in worship.

Mike Silva washing Pastor Juan Pablo Avelar's feet.

Mike Silva washing Pastor Juan Pablo Avelar’s feet.

Pastor Yasser Rivas preaching the Word.

Pastor Yasser Rivas preaching a the “Fruit that Remains” conference.

Worship at the "Fruit that Remains" pastor's conference.

Worship at the conference.

Hearing the Word at the conference.

Hearing the Word at the conference.

Mike Silva prays for the pastors and leaders.

Mike Silva prays for the pastors and leaders.

Lives are Changed in Xela!


On Friday, the US Serve Teams traveled all over Xela and in the outlying areas sharing the Gospel in villages and with large groups of children.  One team traveled deep into the mountainous region outside of Xela to a village of about 300 people.  The winding, unimproved dirt roads were so steep and treacherous that the bus could not safely drive with the passengers in it.  Consequently, the team had to walk more than a mile to reach their destination.

One member reported that few mission teams would venture to Xela (because it is a four hour drive through the mountains from the airport in Guatemala City), let alone this remote village off the beaten path, a long journey from Xela.  “But,” the team member reflected, “these people need to hear the Good News about Jesus too!”

In addition to sharing the Gospel, teams are giving away gifts and supplies of all sorts to the people of Guatemala.  Communities are receiving soccer balls.  Kids are receiving stuff animals and candy.  Adults are receiving clothing and other important goods.  This afternoon, the team is dedicating the well restoration project that will service 11,000 people with clean drinking water. 

So far, the number of lives impacted by the Compassion Aid projects and US Serve Teams is astounding!  And we know that God has so much more in store for tonight at the Festival. 

Thank you for praying!


Pray for the Festival Tonight!


Right now in Xela, teams are working tirelessly to prepare the venue for the festival.  Bands are arriving for sound check, and the entire team is getting ready for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth in Xela!

Right now, more than anything, we need your prayers. 

  • Please pray for the dozens of performers, some of whom are still in route to Xela from Guatemala City (which is a four hour drive without traffic, but it can be much longer).
  • Please pray for the production team, all of the sound equipment, lighting and generators that they would function properly and without glitches.
  • Please pray for the spiritual opposition in the city, which has been present. Specifically, please pray that God would overwhelmingly conquer the spiritual forces of darkness tonight at the festival!
  • And finally, please pray that God would anoint Mike to preach the Gospel once again and that the hearts of the Guatemalan people would be receptive to the message of salvation.
The Festival grounds in Xela, Guatemala

The Festival grounds in Xela, Guatemala

The stage being set up on Friday at the festival grounds.

The stage being set up on Friday at the festival grounds.

"Festival por la Vida" logo being attached to the platform.

“Festival por la Vida” logo being attached to the platform.

Mike Silva Featured on National Radio Broadcasts


Mike Silva was a guest on nation-wide Christian radio stations, Genesis Radio 99.5 and Sterio Vision 106.3, on Thursday.  Airwaves that reach all of Guatemala’s 15.4 million residents were resounding with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Mike encouraged non-believing listeners, “God is more concerned with where you are going, than where you have been.”  He also challenged Christian listeners, to “wake up” and to be ready for what God has in store for their lives.  The producers and DJ’s at both Genesis Radio and Sterio Vision made one thing clear: the people of Xela are excited for the Festival por la Vida coming this Saturday!

To listen to today’s broadcast featuring Mike, visit: or (note: this audio content is in Spanish).


The team was also recognized by the city today at an event at city hall, which included the vice-mayor and other government officials.  City leaders expressed appreciation to the ministry for providing funds to repair a fresh-water well that services over 11,000 people, and expressed excitement and support for the festival. 


Serve Teams Converge on Xela, Guatemala

City street in Xela

City street in Xela

Some traveled nearly 30 hours from their homes in the United States to the mountainous region in Guatemala known as Xela, over 7,000 feet above sea level.  The purpose: to share the love of Jesus in word and deed. 

Serve team members sprang into action today by visiting villages and a church with a community center for underprivileged kids.   Team members shared the Gospel by performing a drama, which powerfully highlights the barriers that exist between people and God, and most importantly, how Jesus overcomes those barriers. 

Also, in addition to giving gifts – like clothing to adults, toys and candy to kids – teams also gave wordless bracelets to hundreds of children.  The wordless bracelet illustrates salvation through Jesus Christ by using five different colored beads, each of which signify an element to God’s plan of salvation.

One serve team member remarked, “I couldn’t believe their [the children’s] response to the Gospel!  But, when I saw dozens of them voluntarily get in line to receive a Bible – I knew it was genuine.  We ran out of Bibles!”

The Serve Team will spend all day Friday ministering across the city.  Please stay tuned to the blog and keep praying for the Festival on Saturday.


Guatemala Promo Video


San Pedro de Macorís Report Video

It’s hard to put into words all that the Lord accomplished in the Dominican Republic!  We are rejoicing because the ministry of the Gospel touched thousands of lives.

Partnering Churches: 258

Friends of the festival: 1670

Attended the Pastor’s Conference: 2,350

Attended the Festival Friday (est): 70,000

Attended the Festival Saturday (est): 100,000

New Believers Friday: 10,527

New Believers Saturday: 13,138

Attended the “Festikids” Children’s Festival (est): 35,000

International TV Audience (est): +600,000,000

National Radio Audience (est): +30,000