Barahona Pastors Conference

Last night was our “Fruit That Remains” Pastors Conference and hundreds of leaders gathered to pray, learn and worship together.  Mike Silva and Pastor Jaime Loya of Cross Church in San Benito, Texas, had a powerful word of encouragement and inspiration for the Pastors and Leaders of this City.  The growing hope and belief that their city will be spiritually revived and transformed because of what God is doing this week was palpable in that place.  It was an incredible time of unity for the church in Barahona as well!  What an honor it is to be a part of this monumental time.
Thank you so much to the supporters and prayer warriors who are making this trip possible.  It couldn’t be happening without you and we are so grateful for what has taken place already and what is yet to come in our last few days here!

Pray With Us

Curiosity Is Building Over The Good News That is Coming!

Schedules are full, our teams’ impact is multiplying, and the anticipation for the Festival is exponentially increasing as Mike is sharing on TV and radio broadcasts, meeting with government officials and local military and police, and making it known to ALL that we have some GOOD NEWS to share VERY SOON! Our serve teams are joyfully and diligently sharing their personal testimonies and the loving Gospel message with children at schools and orphanages throughout the city.  Teams have also hit the city’s streets – inviting everyone they encounter to the Festival! Numbers are still coming in, but the teams have already seen numerous people receive Christ! We are so encouraged!
    Mike doing a radio interview that reaches the entire southern region of the country
Meeting with the Police Chief before sharing the Gospel with the department
Prayer Team Member and retired Naval Commander, Gary Stubbs, accompanied Mike at the Police station and shared his testimony.
Wordless Book Bracelets illustrate the story of the Gospel and are given as gifts everywhere we go
Serve Team performs a skit that tells the love and saving power of Jesus
The Serve Teams in action
Remember to tune in at 2 P.M. PST Saturday to WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE! Like and watch from our Festival por la Vida or Mike Silva International Facebook pages!

Barahona: Day 1

Last night, many National and City Authorities assembled to meet with Mike Silva and our Festival Directors- the Governor, Mayor’s Office, Police General, City Deputy, Directors of Public Works and Water Utilities, and several Heads of the Pastors’ Associations were present- many making the 4 hour drive from Santo Domingo to Barahona. It was an important opportunity for us to personally thank them for their support and permissions that are necessary to make a city-wide Festival possible.  And most impressively, they represent both right and left political parties and all embraced Festival por la Vida and worked together in an effort to bring the festival to the city of Barahona. We give God the glory!
Today, our Serve Team hit the ground running and went to two different ministry sites sharing the Gospel and demonstrating God’s love in both word and deed. The students were so responsive and receptive to the Good News message of Jesus.  Dozens said “Yes” to Him today!
For the first time, we have an international group of 29 individuals here with us this week for the sole purpose of 24/7 prayer for our Outreach. While the stage set-up began this afternoon, our Prayer Team assembled at the Festival grounds to ask God for a mighty work to be done in the City.

Our Serve Team has Arrived in Barahona!

After a long trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic – a few flight delays and a much later arrival into Barahona – we are thrilled to report that all 55 members of our team have arrived safe and sound.  Thank you for your prayers!

Despite the travel hiccups, we experienced the Lord’s traveling mercies in every detail thus far, and we know this is just the start of an incredible week! Please continue to pray with us for the spiritual transformation of this beautiful city!    


Barahona 10 Days Out

Abidjan, West Africa 2018

Barahona 30 Days Out

Barahona 2018 – Promo

Cartagena – Full Festival Report

Watch the full report from Cartagena, Colombia! We are in awe of how God moved. Thank you for being a part of changing thousands of lives for eternity! 
* 25,624 recorded decisions for Christ
* 17,000 attended the FestiKids childrens festival
* 4,125 attended the Pastors Conference
* 5,708 attended Workshops and Trainings
* 43,000 students heard the Gospel message
* 279 partnering churches
* 3,491 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
* 657 families now have clean drinking water
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Cartagena Schools Results

The Gospel message has changed the lives of young people throughout Cartagena, Colombia! We thank God for the work He did through our Serve Teams and our FestiKids children’s festival. Be watching for our full Festival Report coming next!

Cartagena Partner Churches Results

The church body in Cartagena, Colombia is thriving! Check out today’s result update video. Be looking for our full Festival Report this Friday. We are so thankful for your prayers and support!

Cartagena Water Well Results

Your impact in Cartagena, Colombia is incredible, all glory to God! We will be sharing the results with you all this week including our full Festival Report on Friday. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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