Sharing the Gospel.

Your prayers, your time, your contributions have all led to this. Mike is sharing the Gospel in Cartagena.  Catch the festival live on Facebook now!

Thoughts After Night 1

THANKS BE TO GOD!  Night 2 of Festival Por La Vida has just finished and it was nothing short of breathtaking.  Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.
Last night we caught up with Mike and Pastor David Lazo on their reactions to Night 1.  Here’s what they had to say about the impact of the Festival.

About to Go Live!

Festival Por La Vida is about to go live!

Soundcheck Going On Now!

Frank is at Soundcheck!  
*Remember to tune in and watch Festival Por La Vida on the Mike Silva International page Friday at 3:00 P.M. PST and Saturday at 2:00 P.M. PST to watch the Festival LIVE!

Spreading the Word

Another day of opportunity ahead!  Get a sneak peak at how Mike and the MSI team are engaging the community today.  Please continue praying for the team and the community in Cartagena.

Serving the City and Encouraging the Church

Our teams’ impact is multiplying, and the anticipation for the Festival is exponentially increasing as Mike is sharing on TV and radio broadcasts, meeting with government officials, honoring local military, and making it known to ALL of the GOOD NEWS of the Festival!  Our serve teams are sharing their personal testimonies and the loving Gospel message with children at schools and orphanages throughout the city.  Teams have also hit the city’s streets – inviting everyone they encounter to the Festival.  Numbers are still coming in, but the teams have already seen numerous people say, “Yes!” to Jesus!  We are so encouraged!
Last Night 4,150 pastors and leaders attended our Pastors Conference to pray, learn and worship together.  What an incredible time it was of unity and encouragement for the church in Cartagena!  The Pastors were tearfully overjoyed in the new-found hope and belief that their city will be spiritually revived because of what God is doing this week through our team.  What an honor it is to be a part of this monumental time!
Our serve team preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a local school.
Students enjoying a Serve Team presentation.
Our Serve Teams also hit the streets to pass out fliers.
Serve Team  member, Dale Jamison giving a personal invitation to the Festival.
Mike encouraging the local Pastors at Pastors Conference.
Nathan Ironside and El Despertar leading worship.
PRAISE GOD!  There were 4,150 pastor’s and leaders at the attendance.

Thank you so much to the supporters and prayer warriors who are making this trip possible!  It couldn’t have happened without you and we are so grateful for what has happened and what is yet to come in our last few days here!


*Remember to tune in to the Mike Silva International Facebook page Friday at 3:00 P.M. PST and Saturday at 2:00 P.M. PST to WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE!

The Serve Teams are Hard at Work

The serve teams are using their gifts to share the Gospel in Colombia. Here’s just one more example of the impact our team is having sharing the Good News in Cartagena.


After a much-needed night of rest, our serve teams have hit the ground running for day 2!  Our outreaches this week will be our water project & the pastor’s conference tonight.  Over the years, we’ve found this to be true of every city we visit (and Cartagena is no exception): “Growling stomachs have deaf ears.”  It is for this reason we put so much emphasis and effort into Compassion Aid outreaches that will address practical needs, fill stomachs, and bless households in the community first; then we will introduce them to the Bread of Life that will satisfy their thirsty souls!
Serve teams on the move in the city!
Our serve teams sharing the gospel and spending time with students.
Students hearing the life-changing  message of Jesus Christ.
The water tank for our clean water well.
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An Update from the Serve Team

Continuing our video series, check out this powerful story from today’s experience in Cartagena, Colombia.  Your support is invaluable in transforming lives, thank you!

Our Serve Team Has Arrived!

The time has finally come!  After a long trip down to Cartagena, Colombia, we are thrilled to report that all 57 members of our team have arrived safe, sound (and tired)!  We experienced the Lord’s traveling mercies in every detail thus far.  The serve team had great first day preaching the good news at schools and orphanages throughout the city, and we know this is just the start of an incredible week!  Please continue to pray with us for the spiritual transformation of this beautiful city!
A photo of Cartagena, Colombia.
Serve Team member sharing the Gospel with children at a local school.
Our serve team demonstrating the gospel with the lifehouse everything skit.
Our serve team praying with the community.
Our serve team inviting people to Festival por la Vida.
A photo of Cartagena, Colombia.

Guess what?  You can tune in and WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE with us this weekend!  “Like” our Mike Silva International Facebook page, and you can see the event LIVE on Friday night at 3:00 PM PST and Saturday night beginning at 2:00 PM PST!

A Message From Mike

A word from Mike on his hopes for the day, prayer requests and a look at the work our team is engaged in around the city.  
Continue to follow the blog each day to see what a day in the life for our serve team looks like.

An Update From Bayron

How has God’s kingdom been served today?  Today is the first in a series of stories shared directly from Colombia.  It’s just one special glimpse of how people experienced God’s love today.

Landing in Cartagena


The time has come!  After much prayer and preparation, our team lands tonight in Cartagena, Colombia to begin their work as the hands and feet of God.

Follow all of our activity right here as we post live updates throughout the week.  God bless!

What’s Involved in a Festival?


One week from now, churches across Cartagena, Colombia will fill with new believers because of the work of serve teams, music, and the Gospel message at Festival Por La Vida.

Here’s how it all happens.

Stay Tuned…

It’s the final countdown!  Only a few days until our teams land in Cartagena, Colombia to serve the people in this great city.  Please pray for receptive hearts as we share the Gospel!

Follow us all week on Facebook, Instagram, and here on our Blog.  We’ll be posting daily to share what God is doing in Colombia.