Serving Santa Cruz – a Day in Photos

Santa Cruz is a busy, crowded, noisy city.  But among the Christians here, there is one resounding prayer that can be heard above all the noise.  “Almighty God, would you bring revival to our city?”  And so far this week, God is beginning to answer as we see people respond to the Gospel message through the Compassion Aid projects and Serve Team ministries.  Below is a small sampling of what has been going on over the last 24 hours here in Bolivia. 
Vendors selling their goods on a street corner in Santa Cruz.
Serve team members Bethany Rice (left) and Anna Davis (right).
Mike Silva sharing the story of how he became an evangelist at Manatial Radio in Santa Cruz.  
Pastor Yasser Rivas talks about the impact of the Festival por la Vida  at Manatial Radio.
Serve team member Darrell Jobe, along with the help of his interpreter, shares the Gospel with university students in Santa Cruz.
Bolivian university students hearing the Gospel message from the Serve Team.
A boys’ soccer team practices at the field that will become the festival grounds for Friday and Saturday night.
University students react to a drama performed by the serve team.

Serve Teams Share the Gospel in Santa Cruz


The U.S. Serve Team converged on Santa Cruz, Bolivia yesterday.  Team members visited orphans, teenagers, college students, kids with special needs, and the elderly.  The life-changing message of the Gospel is for everyone.  One serve team reported that in a crowded high school auditorium, the entire student body stood in response to the Gospel message!


Another serve team reported an orphanage full of kids with special needs, ecstatic to receive the gifts our team brought for them. 


The team also gave wordless bracelets to hundreds of young kids, which articulates the Gospel using different colored beads.  The response to the Gospel message shared through a simple bracelet has been incredible!


Today, the U.S. Serve Team is back in action, spreading the love of Jesus all over Santa Cruz.  Please keep praying for God’s Spirit to change hearts and lives here.


Governor Aguilera Welcomes MSI to Bolivia


Mike Silva met with Governor Aguilera, one of the most influential politicians in the country.  Aguilera expressed his deep gratitude for the medical clinics, dental clinics, water wells and other Compassion Aid projects that are being provided to the Bolivian people at no cost to them.  Mike thanked the governor for his continued support of the festival. 


The team prayed for the Governor, asking God’s blessing on the people of Bolivia.  Also, the governor and other high ranking government officials plan on attending the festival this Friday and Saturday night.


The “Message of Hope” is for Everyone!

The Festival por la Vida has been receiving the national spotlight in Bolivia.  Yesterday, at a press conference for the festival, Mike Silva was asked, “What is the message of Festival por la Vida?”  He replied, “A message of Hope.”  The press conference was covered by all of the major TV and Cable networks in Bolivia.  Also, the Festival is being covered by radio stations and newspapers both locally and nationally.

Mike has been asked several times, “How can the Festival be free?  Who is paying for it?”  The Bolivian people are astonished to hear that you -our friends from the United States- know about them and care enough about them to sponsor the festival.  The grace of God is making an amazing impact on the Bolivian people.


The Festival Week Begins in Santa Cruz, Bolivia!



On Monday, as the majority of U.S. Serve Team members were in route to Bolivia, the long anticipated week of ministry activities in Santa Cruz began.  God has already begun to answer our prayers for Him to transform lives here in Bolivia.  Our team visited a local school and village where work was being completed on a well refurbishment project.  The village was extremely appreciative for the compassion that was shown their village. Also, each family in the village received a home water filtration system, which will ensure everyone has safe water to drink.  Daniel from Agua Yaku, shown below, explained how to use their new filtration systems.

Also, we hosted a marriage conference featuring, Mike Silva and Dr. Jaime and Gail Miron.  The 25 couples who attended were taught Biblical principles for a healthy marriage. 


Serve team members arrived late Monday night and awoke early Tuesday morning to begin scattering all over Santa Cruz and the surrounding regions to share the love of Jesus in word and deed.  The city is teeming with banners, billboards, flyers, radio ads and TV commercials about the Festival this Friday and Saturday night.  People are eagerly anticipating what God is going to do through the proclamation of the Gospel here.  


Only One Week left before We Leave for Bolivia!


Watch the Latest from Santa Cruz, Bolivia!

There is still much to do for our upcoming festival in Santa Cruz, Bolivia this October 30 and 31.

As you can imagine, there are many important projects that need to be completed between now and then. And here’s what you can do to help: PRAY. Above everything else, we count on your partnership to pray with us.

  • Pray that thousands of people who will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the festival would respond to the love of Jesus and be eternally changed.
  • Pray for the water improvement project that is taking place at a local school – that it would be completed on time, it would benefit their 460 students, and effectively communicate God’s love for them.
  • Pray for the successful completion of a new, fresh water well that is being built to support a community of 350 families and a school of 200 students.
  • Thank God for a great festival launch event on July 27, that drew an estimated 800 pastors and church leaders to hear how they can support the upcoming festival.
  • Thank God that we received written permission to use the stadium where we are planning to hold the festival.
  • Please also pray our team would have strength and perseverance during this season of preparation for the festival and all the coordination it requires.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us in prayer!

Serve Team Member Speaks Out

Santa Cruz, Bolivia Festival – October 30 & 31, 2015

The festival will bring a week’s worth of evangelistic activities that will include community service, street evangelism, compassion aid projects, Pastor training, and a massive two-night festival that will include some of the top Christian Latin music artists in the world and a powerful Gospel message with a call for salvation.  The heart of Mike Silva International is to reach as many people for Christ as possible, demonstrate His love to those in need through significant physical acts of compassion, and train and equip the local church in order to leave a longer-lasting impact.  The following is how we do this…

Santa Cruz Festival Details

Mike Silva International, Xela, Guatemala, 2014
Counselor Training and Follow-up:  In the months leading up to the festival, MSI staff and partners are training thousands of counselors throughout the city to assist decision-makers who respond in a commitment to Christ at the festival. Churches that will be receiving these new converts and discipling them in their newfound faith will also be equipped and supported.
Compassion Aid:  We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and demonstrate His love for people by meeting very real and significant physical needs.  Our volunteer Serve Team will spend the week reaching out to local schools, orphanages, prisons, rescue missions, dumps, deaf communities, etc., sharing the love of Christ in a variety of ways in both word and deed.  There is a great need in a number of the smaller villages for clean, safe water so our goal is to sponsor one or more water well projects. Projected cost for this is $10,000.
Two-Night Festival: At the core of our outreach is the evangelistic festival on Friday and Saturday (October 30-31) nights. The festival is completely sponsored by generous MSI donors in order to make this a free event for the city. Big name and widely popular music artists draw the crowds in excitement for a free concert. Mike Silva is then given the platform to proclaim the Gospel message in a clear, compelling and culturally relevant way. As people respond to the invitation, our trained counselors help us collect names and addresses of decision-makers that will be passed along to churches for effective follow-up and discipleship. Saturday night kicks off with our family festival called FestiKids. Families enjoy face painting, games, large inflatables, music performances, and much more. And the Gospel is once more presented and an invitation given to receive Christ.
Mike Silva International, Xela, Guatemala, 2014
Legacy: One of our great passions is investing into other pastors, evangelists and Next Generation leaders who will then go out and each reach even more people for Christ.  Talk about a high return on our investment!  Our outreach in Santa Cruz will include a special Pastors and Leaders Conference which will focus on evangelism, leadership and discipleship training.  Because access to training is either unavailable or not affordable, MSI provides this ministry at no cost to attendees.


EMAIL US HERE for more information or call 503-614-1552.


CLICK HERE if you would like to join the U.S. Serve Team.

The Results Are In For Bello, Antioquia, Colombia!


  • 11,115 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 9,000 attended the “Festikids” children’s festival
  • 3,200 attended the Pastors Conference
  • 4,200 students heard the Gospel message
  • 2,063 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
  • 58 partnering churches
  • 1,115 people now have clean drinking water
Thank YOU for partnering with us to make this happen!
For more information about Bello and other festivals, be sure to check out our main blog.

Lives are Changed in Bello, Antioquia, Colombia!

Campos Festival Bello

And just like that…the week is over and we are headed home. What an amazing time! We stand overwhelmed and in awe of all we saw God do. We are incredibly humbled by ministry partners like you who so faithfully pray for and support us. Every trip makes us think of you, because we are there because you sent us and made it all possible. THANK YOU! You sent our ministry to Bello. You helped us provide a community of 1,000 families with safe, clean water. You gave the city a Festival so that the Gospel could reach thousands. Families were blessed by FestiKids. And through all of the work we were able to do with Pastors via gatherings and conferences, there is now more unity among the churches than ever seen in the history of the city. THANK YOU!

There has been a flood of thanks from the city and countless stories of lives changed, and with each one we praise God. A local Pastor called our festival director Bayron to share his story of how before the Festival he hated the other Pastors; some because their churches were bigger, some because they made more money, and others because they didn’t need the support of another full-time job as he did. He said by being a part of the Festival and working with these other Pastors over the past several months, the Lord radically changed his heart. And he began to weep over the deep love and gratitude for his newfound relationship with the other Pastors of his city.

The weather forecast for the entire week was thunderstorms and torrential rain. But as a direct answer to our prayers, the Lord held off the rain for us the entire week so that our Serve Teams could go out unhindered. He also held off the rain all during the first part of the Festival, all during Mike’s message, the invitation and while response cards were being filled out. And then, during the final performer, the sky opened up and the rain poured down, but it did not have an impact. Our God is so good! Thank you Lord for this awesome display of Your power and authority and for the firsthand reminder that even the winds and the rain obey Your commands!

Our Serve Team celebrated a great spiritual victory when we saw one of our own put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ the night of the Festival as well!

We are still working on collecting the final results of the outreach effort of this past week in Bello before we can report, but we will share as soon as we have that available. Again, we want to simply say thank you for all you helped us accomplish. And thank you for your fervent prayers and for following our reports along the way. Mike said it well when he reminded us of 2 Kings 7:9 – This is a day of Good News, we cannot remain silent! Thank you God! All glory and honor and praise is Yours!

Festival por la Vida – Bello, Antioquia, Colombia

Well of Life Changes Lives for Over 1,000 Families

Well dedication ceremony –Our Serve Team gathered in a small community within Bello— where our well project was located— for the official opening and dedication ceremony.  Many of the 1,000 families this well will serve gathered to take part.

Well dedication ceremony–Our Serve Team gathered in a small community within Bello, where our well project was located, for the official opening and dedication ceremony. Many of the 1,000 families this well will serve gathered to take part.

 The local Pastor who will manage and watch over the well for the community, cut the ribbon with MSI Board members Pastor Ruben Guajardo (left) and Howard “Butch” Wilson (right).

The local Pastor who will manage and watch over the well for the community, cut the ribbon with MSI Board members Pastor Ruben Guajardo (left) and Howard “Butch” Wilson (right).

Local Pastor pictured in front of plaque.

Local Pastor pictured in front of plaque.

Safe, clean water!  THANK YOU to all who made this gift possible!

Safe, clean water! THANK YOU to all who made this gift possible!


Thousands gathered for Festikids – our children’s festival – which offers a variety of family friendly activities like face painting, nail painting, inflatable bounce houses, balloon animals, music, haircuts and much, much more.

Festi Kids Clowns
Festi Kids Nails
Festi Kids
Bello, Antioquia Festival

A massive crowd gathered Saturday night for Festival por la Vida in Bello – a celebration of “Buena Vida, Buena Música y Buenas Noticias” (Good Life, Good Music and Good News).

Massive Crowd at Bello Festival
View of the Crowd in Bello
Festival Por La Vida Bello
A Mike Silva International favorite, Raza for Christ, brought down the house with their electrifying “reggaeton” sound that is always a fan favorite in every city we go to.

A Mike Silva International favorite, Raza for Christ, brought down the house with their electrifying “reggaeton” sound that is always a fan favorite in every city we go to.

The Lord used Mike mightily Saturday night. Your prayers for a great harvest of souls were answered and we praise God for His goodness and graciousness. Mike used the story of the Centurion whose faith was so big he believed Jesus to heal his servant just by speaking the words. The crowd was so captivated by the story and attentive to Mike’s delivery that when the invitation was given, and the free gift of salvation was offered to anyone who would believe and receive, an incredible percentage of the crowd responded! In fact, we are still counting the responses! We had heard earlier this week that there is only 1-2% in this Medellin-Bello area who professes faith in Christ. So we believe what we saw and experienced was simply a city that was ready and receptive for the message we came to share, and God’s gracious favor to use us to bring people unto Himself. We give God all the praise and all the glory as He so deserves!

Another miracle of the night was seeing one of our very own Serve Team members put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ during the invitation!

Mike Speaking at the Bello Festival
Worshipping at Festival in Bello
Woman Committing Life to Christ
Mike Sharing the Gospel at Bello Festival
Man Committing His Life to Christ in Bello
Mike Carrying the Colombian Flag at Festival
Woman Raising Her Hand at Bello Festival
Artist Nathan Ironside

Artist Nathan Ironside

Mike was presented, by the Mayor, with the keys to the city and an invitation to return.

Mike was presented, by the Mayor, with the keys to the city and an invitation to return.

Artist Alex Campos

The rain held out the entire festival until headliner and Colombia native Alex Campos took the stage.

Touching Lives in Bello, Colombia

Last night, Pastors and Church Leaders from all over the region gathered for our “Fruit That Remains” Conference, with over 4,000 in attendance.

Mike encouraging local Pastors/Leaders at our “Fruit That Remains” Conference.

Mike encouraging local Pastors/Leaders at our “Fruit That Remains” Conference.

“Fruit That Remains” Pastors/Leaders Conference.

“Fruit That Remains” Pastors/Leaders Conference.

Our Serve Teams continue to see individuals say “Yes!” to Jesus Christ this week.

Serve Team members sharing the Gospel through a skit.

Serve Team members sharing the Gospel through a skit.

Students respond to the Gospel Message shared by one of our Serve Teams.

Students respond to the Gospel Message shared by one of our Serve Teams.

Rededicated to Christ

This local teacher thought God had abandoned her but rededicated her life to the Lord when our Team shared the Gospel. She told us, “Now I know God hasn’t abandoned me!”

 Serve Teams Sharing the Gospel

Excitement Builds as the Countdown Begins!

Mayor Expresses Support and Thanks for Festival por la Vida.

Meeting with the Mayor

Mike was able to meet with the Mayor of Bello last night. (Mayor is pictured to the right of Mike). The Mayor is very excited about the Festival and the potential impact on the city. He personally thanked our ministry for the well project in one of the areas of the city that so desperately needed safe water for the 1,000 families it serves. He expressed how he could not do this on his own and how grateful he was to have our help. THANK YOU ministry partners! This is another life-changing project YOU made possible!

After meeting with the Mayor, he walked us through the city and along the way we saw a number of our “grassroots” volunteer teams handing out fliers and inviting people to the Festival. Among them was the youngest “festival promoter” we’ve ever met – a five year old Pastor’s daughter – excitedly telling each person she handed a flier to all about the festival, who the artists were, the “FestiKids” children’s event, the location, start time, etc. Pretty impressive!

 Youngest Festival Promoter

Setting up for Saturday Night’s Big Event

 24 Hours Away

We are 24 hours from the Festival tomorrow night and the stage is almost set! It is so exciting to see this empty span of open space and know that in just a few more hours it will fill up with people. The lights will be flashing, the music will be blasting, the speakers will be booming, the crowd will be jumping, and the Festival will be in full swing! We heard from the Mayor that only 1-2% of the greater Medellín -Bello area of 4.5 million people are Christians who have put their faith and trust in Christ! This is one of the most exciting things for us – who have come to deliver the Good News of the Gospel – because it means we are not just in the right place at the right time but the potential harvest could be beyond what we even imagined! So PLEASE pray! Pray for Mike as he is in his final preparation of his message. Pray that he would speak with full authority of the Scriptures given to him by the Holy Spirit, that he would be bold and courageous and that the Gospel would be proclaimed clearly and simply. And as a result, that we would see an unbelievable move of God in this city as countless people say “YES!” to Jesus Christ.