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Las Palmas Festival Report

Please join us in praising God for all He did in Las Palmas!

  • 2,000+ attended the Festival
  • 247 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 350 attended the FestiKids children’s festival
  • 600 attended the Pastors Conference
  • 37 churches involved
  • 368 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
Thank you for making this incredible event happen!
Mike Silva
For more information about Las Palmas and other festivals, be sure to check out our main blog.

Las Palmas Festival, October 12 – An Audio Message From Mike

Please join us in praying for Las Palmas. We covet your
prayers and know The Lord will answer mightily!


  • Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria, has many different religious cultures (Baptists, Gypsies, European foreigners, Muslims, Latinos, etc.). Please pray God would continue to unify everyone, give the necessary grace for their ears to open and listen to what will be happening on October 12th in San Telmo Park (in Las Palmas’ City Center).
  • Our ‘Official Festival Launch’ was extraordinary! 70 people came, representing 17 different local churches. Our festival has peaked the interest of the local pastors and leaders because no one has been to their country to do an event like this. It’s historic for Las Palmas!
  • After the launch, our team reported: “The official presentation of the project was given in a way never seen before by the participants; causing the burning desire to work shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve an unprecedented [spiritual] harvest.” Praise God!
  • Pray for our Pastors meeting, the pastor in charge (who was helping coordinate) had only ever seen 20 pastors get together all at once (and it took much convincing for it to happen). But by faith, and through prayer, the meeting exceeded our goal! We had 105 pastors and leaders in attendance… a record for the island!
  • The president of the Pastor’s Association asked our team, “how did Mike Silva achieve this kind of call? I have not been able to have these results [with pastors and locals] in all the years I’ve been president!” To this, our team responded, “only God’s purpose in a place causes such a move, and now we must all walk together towards that purpose and see it become a reality for the blessing of The Canary Islands.”