The Results Are In From Barahona!

Join Us in Praising God for His Mighty Work!
  • 7,170 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 12,000 attended the FestiKids children’s festival
  • 1,315 attended the Pastors Conference
  • 147 attended Workshops and Trainings
  • 4,600 students heard the Gospel message
  • 87 partnering churches
  • 617 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
  • 1,360 people now have clean drinking water

The Results Are In From Barahona!

The Results Are In For Barahona!

Join Us in Praising God for His Mighty Work!
  • 7,170 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 12,000 attended the FestiKids children’s festival
  • 1,315 attended the Pastors Conference
  • 147 attended Workshops and Trainings
  • 4,600 students heard the Gospel message
  • 87 partnering churches
  • 617 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
  • 1,360 people now have clean drinking water

Barahona Pastors Conference

Last night was our “Fruit That Remains” Pastors Conference and hundreds of leaders gathered to pray, learn and worship together.  Mike Silva and Pastor Jaime Loya of Cross Church in San Benito, Texas, had a powerful word of encouragement and inspiration for the Pastors and Leaders of this City.  The growing hope and belief that their city will be spiritually revived and transformed because of what God is doing this week was palpable in that place.  It was an incredible time of unity for the church in Barahona as well!  What an honor it is to be a part of this monumental time.
Thank you so much to the supporters and prayer warriors who are making this trip possible.  It couldn’t be happening without you and we are so grateful for what has taken place already and what is yet to come in our last few days here!

Barahona, Dominican Republic – November 10, 2018

The CITY  


Why Barahona

In many parts of the Dominican Republic, people have never heard the Gospel message in a clear and compelling way they understand. Barahona, a city of approximately 150,000 people and the main city of the Barahona Province in the south of the nation just 93 miles from the border of Haiti, is no exception. Due to the great migratory flows, the Dominican Republic currently counts with a great variety of creeds being a country which allows religious freedom. The most practiced one is still Catholicism, since more than the 50% of the Dominican population practice this faith. It is followed by the Lutherans and the Atheists. Furthermore, you can also find religions such as Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam, among many others. Only 9% describe themselves as “evangelical” Bible believers who follow orthodox evangelical teachings.

Entangled in cultural and spiritual superstitions, people here have often grown up with a combination of superstitious beliefs and practices mixed with a sprinkling of Christianity, clinging to false and unbiblical ideologies and therefore floundering in a sea of religious confusion. They are desperately in need of true and accurate Gospel witness and presentation.
Extreme poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and child sex trafficking permeate this visually beautiful country like a dark destructive plague. The only hope is JESUS. The only difference is JESUS. The only possible individual and cultural transformation is JESUS.
The biggest need of any human heart is salvation through JESUS CHRIST, and transformation through His power.
Our Mission
To Practice and Proclaim the Life-Changing message of the lord Jesus Christ in the world’s most spiritually receptive places.
This opportunity in Barahona is tremendous. The Festival will bring community service, evangelism, compassion aid projects, pastor training, and a massive city-wide festival that will include some of the hottest present-day Latin music artists in the world and a powerful Gospel message with a call for salvation. The heart of Mike Silva International is to reach as many people for Christ as possible, demonstrate His love to those in need through significant physical acts of compassion, and to train and equip the local Church to leave a longer-lasting impact. The following is how we do this…
The Details
Being the hands and feet of jesus
Counselor Training and Follow-up: In the months leading up to the Festival, MSI staff and partners are training thousands of counselors throughout the city to assist decision-makers who respond in a commitment to Christ at the Festival. We will also be making contact with hundreds of churches to provide training and follow-up tools that will prepare them to receive new believers and disciple them in their new-found faith.
Compassion Aid: We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and demonstrate His love for people by meeting very real and significant physical needs. Our Serve Team
will spend the week reaching out to local schools, orphanages, prisons, rescue missions, deaf communities, etc., sharing the love of Christ in a variety of ways in both word and deed. We’ll also be providing much-needed medical care and a building project. There is a great need in a number of the smaller villages for clean, safe water so our goal is to sponsor two water projects. Projected cost for this is $30,000.
The Festival: At the core of our outreach is the evangelistic festival Saturday (November 10). The Festival is completely sponsored by generous MSI donors in order to make
this a free event for the city. Big name and widely popular music artists draw the crowds
in excitement for a free concert by their favorite music groups. Mike Silva is then given
the platform to proclaim the Gospel message in a clear, compelling and culturally relevant way. As people respond to the invitation, our trained counselors help us collect names and addresses of decision-makers that will be passed along to local churches for effective follow-up and discipleship. The festival includes a family event called FestiKids. Families enjoy face painting, games, large inflatables, music performances, and much more. And the Gospel is once more presented, and an invitation given to receive Christ.
Legacy: One of our great passions is investing into other pastors, evangelists and Next Generation leaders who will then all go out and each reach even more people for Christ. Talk about a high return on our investment! Our outreach in Barahona will include a special Pastors and Leaders Conference which will focus on evangelism, leadership, and discipleship training. Because access to training is either unavailable or not affordable, MSI provides this ministry at no cost to attendees.
“But everyone who calls on the name
of jesus will be saved.”
-Acts 2:21
The Opportunity
Can God use you? Absolutely!
Your investment will pay eternal dividends in thousands of changed lives
PRAY: Your commitment to pray with and for us is essential. If you haven’t done so already, sign up to receive our monthly e-prayer updates and for Dialed-In (our quarterly prayer calls) by going to our website at We will keep you up to date on all the important details regarding the festival and you can follow our stories and photos via the blog.  Click Here to join our prayer team.
GIVE: Your financial gift towards advancing the Gospel in the Dominican Republic really does make a difference. 100% of this outreach and all its components are completely dependent on the generosity of churches and individuals. Should you be in any position to give toward this incredible opportunity in Barahona, your tax-deductible gift can be made quickly via our website or mailed to Mike Silva International, 1500 NW 167th Place, Beaverton, OR 97006.  Click Here to give a gift for Barahona.
GO: You can be a part of our Serve Team and travel with us to Barahona, Dominican Republic to share the love of Jesus. If you simply have a heart to be used by the Lord and you have the willingness to go, we can use you! No special requirements are necessary. You don’t even need to know the language. We have translators who will go everywhere you go. Come and see for yourself what we do and the magnitude in which God works when we share Christ to spiritually receptive people.  Click Here to for more information about joining us in Barahona.
Thank you for partnering with us in this spiritually fruitful opportunity!  We couldn’t do it without you.
For more information contact:
Mike Silva International
1500 NW 167th Place
Beaverton, OR 97006

¡Festival Por La Vida!

This has been both one of the best and one of the most difficult Festival weeks we’ve ever had.  Spiritually speaking, we walked into a very dark city where the enemy’s  stronghold is extremely evident.  However, by the grace of Almighty God we saw the Lord show up in profound ways and be so faithful to us every step of the way.   
We praise God that the Cartagena we will be leaving is not the same Cartagena as when we arrived.  On one hand it is a very influential city and yet on the other, there is great physical and spiritual poverty.   Through all the difficulties our team faced over the week – flight problems, illness, and numerous circumstances outside of our control each day- the Lord covered us and went before us answering every prayer we had.  He is so good!
One of the most significant challenges of the week and a first for us – was a nationwide school strike that caught us off guard and briefly canceled our serve team’s ministry in local schools this week.  One of the few schools  that remained open allowed us to still come but prohibited our serve team from mentioning the name of Jesus or God – the enemy’s way of attempting to stifle the Gospel from being preached there.  However,  the Lord answered our prayers by giving the team a window where unexpectedly all of the teachers were called away at the same time… And do you know what we did?  We told those children about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and saw many come to know Him! 
After the week we had, it was clear the enemy relentlessly wanted to prevent the Good News from going out by any means necessary. At the Festival we experienced technical difficulties throughout our program.  The evil one tried at every turn to keep us from doing His Kingdom work.  The Lord provided a hedge of protection around the proclamation of the Gospel.   We were able to proclaim the Gospel to thousands and to an additional 33,036 people who viewed nights one and two on Facebook Live and Twitter.  Hallelujah!  
At the Festival Mike was on fire! His messages both nights were so clear & powerful and the response to the Gospel was astounding!
Nathan Ironside y Despertar
Raza For Christ
Tercer Cielo
A young man who just received Christ reading the Word with a counselor.
We continue to rejoice over all those who said, “YES” to Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your fervent prayers, the Lord moved mightily and many received Christ as personal Lord and Savior.  If you missed it last night, you missed out. The good news is that you can watch the recording of the live streamed event on the Mike Silva International Facebook page.

¡Festival Por La Vida Continues!

Good Life, Good Music, Good News! That’s the tagline for Festival Por La Vida, and that’s exactly what took place tonight. Our second festival night exceeded our expectations! To God be the glory! We, as a team and a ministry, invested more time and effort and resource into this particular city- Cartagena- more than any other city we’ve ever been to. Our team was ready. The city was ready. The anticipation was through the roof! What we desperately needed- and begged God for- was for His Spirit to fall and cover this city. We asked for HIM to move in a mighty way (like only He can!) in the hearts of those who were in attendance… AND HE DID!!! This night would have been in vein (and a total flop) without the touch of Jesus. But thankfully… He listened to us and He came to us in a mighty and powerful way! Thousands said “yes” to Jesus and their names have been added to the Lambs Book of Life! Hallelujah!
What we witnessed as a team tonight was indescribable. We had a front-row seat to see individuals move from death (spiritually) to life in Jesus! It was truly life changing.
There were amazing bands that the crowd went CRAZY for! We are so grateful for the artists who joined us and drew the awe-inspiring crowd in. It was incredible! 

The Lord used Mike in a mighty way as he proclaimed the Gospel again tonight. He spoke with such clarity, conviction, and relevancy. His clear and vivid illustrations captivated the audience! People were so attentive and, like the previous night, responded in overwhelming numbers when he gave the invitation to receive Christ.  There has been a unique and supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this place. Thank you so very much for your faithful and powerful prayers that have been answered over and over again this week. We are convinced the Lord gave us His favor, mercy and an extra portion of blessing because friends like you interceded for us. We are so grateful for you!


We will send you detailed reports as we get new information from the festival, but in the meantime… will you rejoice with us in the glorious work our God did?


Together… we have reached more!



<Photos of the Festival>


FestiKids [Subheading}

One of the most exciting and highly anticipated components of Festival Por La Vida is our kid’s festival, “FestiKids”. It’s a family-friendly festival for children with clowns, games, face painting, captivating skits, and an age appropriate Gospel message. It was an incredible turnout, and we saw thousands of children ask Jesus into their hearts before the main festival even began!  This is why we’ve come… to see lives changed for eternity!


<Photos of the FestiKids>

If you missed it, you can still go and watch the recordings of the live-streamed events (from both nights) on Festival Por La Vida’s Facebook page.

The Water Project!

MSI strives to intentionally harness our efforts towards compassion aide projects that best serve the needs of the community.
For Cartagena, one of the greatest needs is fresh, clean water. The Water Well Project for <name of the area>  will provide drinkable water for an estimated ____ people. We are thrilled to see our resources and energy well spent to bless a community in such a practical and essential way!
At the dedication ceremony, the resounding sentiment was deep gratitude to God for sending us into their neighborhood to fill such a substantial deficit (water) that they’ve had to make due without for so long. There were smiles, happy tears, laughter and lots of thirst being quenched as we looked into the eyes of so many grateful individuals. It was such a beautiful sight! This was a project that these families could not afford to do and build on their own.
The well is now providing water for # families in the community! We are happy to report that the new water system and additional holding tanks installed will provide all the areas’ water needs.  This dedication was a celebration for everyone in this neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Afterwards, members of our serve team preformed a powerful evangelistic skit for the community, followed by an invitation- to Faith in Jesus, The Living Water- given by Mike. Many raised their hands and accepted Him.  Praise God!

Festival por la Vida – Cartagena, Colombia

The Door Is Open To Cartagena

Wow! This week has been such a blessing.  We are seeing the Lord continue to move in powerful ways.  Our Affinity Events in this city included  conferences for Pastors and Leaders, Worship Leaders and Evangelism.  Each day our serve teams have been going out into the cities serving the community.  Mike Silva International has been pouring into the community through compassion aid projects.  As a result, the Mayor met with Mike and awarded him the key to the city!  Truly the Lord has opened the door to Cartagena.  The harvest is ripe here and the compassion projects have opened the hearts of the Colombians to His Good News.  Thank you for your support that makes these projects possible!
Mike receiving the key to the city from the Mayor of Cartagena.
Nathan Ironside and his band El Despertar leading worship at our Worship One Conference.
Nathan teaching a workshop to worship pastors & leaders during the Worship One Conference.
Dr. Jaime Mirón speaking at the Evangelism Conference.
Pro BMX and Next Generation Alliance evangelists Vic Murphy and John Andrus teach evangelism through creative means at the Evangelism Conference.
It was a packed house at the Evangelism Conference.

We are so excited for night 2 of the festival. Tune in this evening on the Mike Silva International Facebook page to WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE! You wont want to miss it.

Festival (Night 1) is only 1 hour away!

We made it. Tonight is the night! Tonight, the Festival begins! The energy of all this built up anticipation is exhilarating. We have prepared extensively for such a time as this- and we are ready! We have seen the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work all week long. He has been steadfast in prompting hearts to be open and receptive. Romans 1:16 (ESV), declares that the Gospel “…is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” Join with us in prayer that today would be the day of salvation for the people of Cartagena- in Jesus name!


“Like” our Mike Silva International Facebook page and tune in tonight at 3:00 P.M. PST for Festival Night #1 LIVE! You won’t want to miss it!

Serving the City and Encouraging the Church

Our teams’ impact is multiplying, and the anticipation for the Festival is exponentially increasing as Mike is sharing on TV and radio broadcasts, meeting with government officials, honoring local military, and making it known to ALL of the GOOD NEWS of the Festival!  Our serve teams are sharing their personal testimonies and the loving Gospel message with children at schools and orphanages throughout the city.  Teams have also hit the city’s streets – inviting everyone they encounter to the Festival.  Numbers are still coming in, but the teams have already seen numerous people say, “Yes!” to Jesus!  We are so encouraged!
Last Night 4,150 pastors and leaders attended our Pastors Conference to pray, learn and worship together.  What an incredible time it was of unity and encouragement for the church in Cartagena!  The Pastors were tearfully overjoyed in the new-found hope and belief that their city will be spiritually revived because of what God is doing this week through our team.  What an honor it is to be a part of this monumental time!
Our serve team preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a local school.
Students enjoying a Serve Team presentation.
Our Serve Teams also hit the streets to pass out fliers.
Serve Team  member, Dale Jamison giving a personal invitation to the Festival.
Mike encouraging the local Pastors at Pastors Conference.
Nathan Ironside and El Despertar leading worship.
PRAISE GOD!  There were 4,150 pastor’s and leaders at the attendance.

Thank you so much to the supporters and prayer warriors who are making this trip possible!  It couldn’t have happened without you and we are so grateful for what has happened and what is yet to come in our last few days here!


*Remember to tune in to the Mike Silva International Facebook page Friday at 3:00 P.M. PST and Saturday at 2:00 P.M. PST to WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE!


After a much-needed night of rest, our serve teams have hit the ground running for day 2!  Our outreaches this week will be our water project & the pastor’s conference tonight.  Over the years, we’ve found this to be true of every city we visit (and Cartagena is no exception): “Growling stomachs have deaf ears.”  It is for this reason we put so much emphasis and effort into Compassion Aid outreaches that will address practical needs, fill stomachs, and bless households in the community first; then we will introduce them to the Bread of Life that will satisfy their thirsty souls!
Serve teams on the move in the city!
Our serve teams sharing the gospel and spending time with students.
Students hearing the life-changing  message of Jesus Christ.
The water tank for our clean water well.
REMINDER: Please like the Mike Silva International Facebook page and tune in Friday at 3:00 P.M. PST and Saturday at 2:00 P.M. PST to WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE!

30 Days Out – Colombia Festival

We are 30 days out from our festival in Cartagena, Colombia.  Watch the video and please join us in prayer as we make the final preparations to take the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to this city!

A Word From Mike!

From Madrid, Spain

As I was standing on a rocky hillside in Madrid, I was in awe of the undeniable beauty and rich history found there.  I couldn’t help but think of the Scriptures when Jesus says that if we listen to His teachings and put our faith and knowledge in to action… then we “will be like a wise man who built his house upon the ROCK…” (Matthew 7:24, ESV).  Friends, when you pray for us and give to our ministry, you are investing in the Great Commission!  You are putting your faith in to practice and building your “house,” your LIFE, on the immovable rock of Jesus!  Join me in praying for God to do a new thing, build a new Church, and resurrect a bright and burning passion for His name, in this city!  -Mike Silva