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Mike Silva – Faith Talk Message, Part 3

Faith or fear?  We get to choose.  Which one lives in your mind?
Join us for today’s Faith Talk as we take a look at Hebrews 11:6.
My friend Regi Stone, again shares a special time of worship with us this week.  Let’s worship God and let Him be “our everything.”
Mike Silva

Cartagena, Colombia Festival — February 23 & 24, 2018



Cartagena is a city steeped in rich culture and history. It is located in the northern part of the country along the Caribbean Sea and is tropical in climate. Cartagena is Colombia’s fifth largest urban area with a population of almost 1.1 million people.  

The city was founded in 1533. Due to its importance as a trading post, it was historically victim to both invaders and pirates. Spain fortified the colonial city during the 17th and 18th centuries by building a wall around what is now “old town Cartagena” also nicknamed “La Ciudad Amurallada” (The Walled City).


Present day Cartagena is a popular tourist destination, however, walking throughout the city the great disparity within the city’s economic classes can be clearly observed. Upwards of 65% of the population lives under the poverty line and

25% in extreme poverty.




In a place of many physical needs, there is an even greater need – a spiritual one. 70.9% of the 1.092 million people in Cartagena identify as Catholic. The Protestant (primarily Evangelical) population is estimated at 16.7%, while the remainder claims non-religious, Atheist, or other. This means over 906,000 are living without hope and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For the evangelist, this means cast those nets…the fishing will be good!



To practice and proclaim the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in the world’s most spiritually receptive places

This opportunity in Cartagena is tremendous. The Festival will bring a week’s worth of evangelistic activities including community service, evangelism, compassion aid projects, pastor training, and a massive two-night festival that will include some of the hottest present-day Latin music artists in the world and a powerful Gospel message with a call for salvation. The heart of Mike Silva International is to reach as many people for Christ as possible, demonstrate His love to those in need through significant physical acts of compassion, and to train and equip the local Church in order to leave a longer-lasting impact. The following is how we do this….





Counselor Training and Follow-up:

In the months leading up to the Festival, MSI staff and partners are training thousands of counselors throughout the city to assist decision-makers who respond in a commitment to Christ at the Festival. We will also be making contact with hundreds of churches to provide training and follow-up tools that will prepare them to receive new believers and disciple them in their new-found faith.

Compassion Aid:

We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and demonstrate His love for people by meeting very real and significant physical needs. Our Serve Team will spend the week reaching out to local schools, orphanages, prisons, rescue missions, deaf communities, etc., sharing the love of Christ in a variety of ways in both word and deed. We’ll also be providing much-needed medical, dental, and vision services through our partnership with Bridges of Hope International. There is a great need in a number of the smaller villages for clean, safe water so our goal is to sponsor two water well projects. Projected cost for this is $30,000.

Two-Night Festival:

At the core of our outreach is the evangelistic festival on Friday and Saturday nights (February 23 & 24). The Festival is completely sponsored by generous MSI donors in order to make this a free event for the city. Big name and widely popular music artists draw the crowds in excitement for a free concert by their favorite music groups. Mike Silva is then given the platform to proclaim the Gospel message in a clear, compelling and culturally relevant way. As people respond to the invitation, our trained counselors help us collect names and addresses of decision-makers that will be passed along to local churches for effective follow-up and discipleship. Saturday night kicks off with our family festival called FestiKids. Families enjoy face painting, games, large inflatables, music performances, and much more. And the Gospel is once more presented and an invitation given to receive Christ.


One of our great passions is investing into other pastors, evangelists and Next Generation leaders who will then all go out and each reach even more people for Christ. Talk about a high return on our investment! Our outreach in Cartagena will include a special Pastors and Leaders Conference which will focus on evangelism, leadership, and discipleship training. Because access to training is either unavailable or not affordable, MSI provides this ministry at no cost to attendees.




Your investment will pay eternal dividends in thousands of changed lives.


Your commitment to pray with and for us is essential. If you haven’t done so already, sign up to receive our monthly e-prayer updates and for Dialed-In (our quarterly prayer calls) by going to our website at We will keep you up to date on all the important details regarding the festival and you can follow our stories and photos via the blog.  


Your financial gift towards advancing the Gospel in Colombia really does make a difference. 100% of this outreach and all its components are completely dependent on the generosity of churches and individuals. Should you be in any position to give toward this incredible opportunity in Cartagena, your tax-deductible gift can be made quickly via our website or mailed to Mike Silva International, PO Box 8808, Portland, OR 97207.  


You can be a part of our Serve Team and travel with us to Cartagena, Colombia to share the love of Jesus. If you simply have a heart to be used by the Lord and you have the willingness to go, we can use you. No special requirements are necessary. You don’t even need to know the language. We have translators who will go everywhere you go. Come and see for yourself what we do and the magnitude in which God works when we share Christ to spiritually receptive people.  




For more information on partnering with MSI, please contact us at:

Mike Silva International
1500 NW 167th Pl.
Beaverton, OR 97006

Ministry Report



The Festival Week Begins in Santa Cruz, Bolivia!



On Monday, as the majority of U.S. Serve Team members were in route to Bolivia, the long anticipated week of ministry activities in Santa Cruz began.  God has already begun to answer our prayers for Him to transform lives here in Bolivia.  Our team visited a local school and village where work was being completed on a well refurbishment project.  The village was extremely appreciative for the compassion that was shown their village. Also, each family in the village received a home water filtration system, which will ensure everyone has safe water to drink.  Daniel from Agua Yaku, shown below, explained how to use their new filtration systems.

Also, we hosted a marriage conference featuring, Mike Silva and Dr. Jaime and Gail Miron.  The 25 couples who attended were taught Biblical principles for a healthy marriage. 


Serve team members arrived late Monday night and awoke early Tuesday morning to begin scattering all over Santa Cruz and the surrounding regions to share the love of Jesus in word and deed.  The city is teeming with banners, billboards, flyers, radio ads and TV commercials about the Festival this Friday and Saturday night.  People are eagerly anticipating what God is going to do through the proclamation of the Gospel here.  


Serve With Us—Colombia 2015

Quetzaltenango Report Video

An estimated 11,000 people from three villages are now drinking clean water as a result of the well restoration project in Xela.  The villagers dug a ditch five feet deep approximately a quarter mile and we provided the finances to replace the shoddy pipe with new, suitable pipe that will be servicing their villages for years to come.

In addition to the Serve Teams and the Compassion Aid projects, God worked mightily at the festival and the pastor’s conference as well!  Below are some of the results:

    • 14,212 people received Christ at the Festival!
    • 1,850 people were trained to pray with decision makers
    • 208 churches partnered with the festival
    • 1,550 people attended the pastor’s conference
    • 11,000 (est.) kids attended the “Festikids” children’s festival

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Guatemala Promo Video