¡Festival Por La Vida Continues!

Good Life, Good Music, Good News! That’s the tagline for Festival Por La Vida, and that’s exactly what took place tonight. Our second festival night exceeded our expectations! To God be the glory! We, as a team and a ministry, invested more time and effort and resource into this particular city- Cartagena- more than any other city we’ve ever been to. Our team was ready. The city was ready. The anticipation was through the roof! What we desperately needed- and begged God for- was for His Spirit to fall and cover this city. We asked for HIM to move in a mighty way (like only He can!) in the hearts of those who were in attendance… AND HE DID!!! This night would have been in vein (and a total flop) without the touch of Jesus. But thankfully… He listened to us and He came to us in a mighty and powerful way! Thousands said “yes” to Jesus and their names have been added to the Lambs Book of Life! Hallelujah!
What we witnessed as a team tonight was indescribable. We had a front-row seat to see individuals move from death (spiritually) to life in Jesus! It was truly life changing.
There were amazing bands that the crowd went CRAZY for! We are so grateful for the artists who joined us and drew the awe-inspiring crowd in. It was incredible! 

The Lord used Mike in a mighty way as he proclaimed the Gospel again tonight. He spoke with such clarity, conviction, and relevancy. His clear and vivid illustrations captivated the audience! People were so attentive and, like the previous night, responded in overwhelming numbers when he gave the invitation to receive Christ.  There has been a unique and supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this place. Thank you so very much for your faithful and powerful prayers that have been answered over and over again this week. We are convinced the Lord gave us His favor, mercy and an extra portion of blessing because friends like you interceded for us. We are so grateful for you!


We will send you detailed reports as we get new information from the festival, but in the meantime… will you rejoice with us in the glorious work our God did?


Together… we have reached more!



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FestiKids [Subheading}

One of the most exciting and highly anticipated components of Festival Por La Vida is our kid’s festival, “FestiKids”. It’s a family-friendly festival for children with clowns, games, face painting, captivating skits, and an age appropriate Gospel message. It was an incredible turnout, and we saw thousands of children ask Jesus into their hearts before the main festival even began!  This is why we’ve come… to see lives changed for eternity!


<Photos of the FestiKids>

If you missed it, you can still go and watch the recordings of the live-streamed events (from both nights) on Festival Por La Vida’s Facebook page.