Impact – Amarillo Festival Por La Vida

Stories are pouring in about the impact Festival Por La Vida Amarillo had on the city:
  • Brady Clark, owner of a local non-profit in Amarillo who works extensively throughout the city, reported this to our team: “There has never been a bigger event, in this area of town, than what went on when you (Mike/MSI) were here in Sam Houston Park. It was massive! People have been talking about it and it is unrivaled and unparalleled…great job!”
  • “Hi, Mike… Amarillo folks are still talking about the amazing festival that took place in our city! This would not have been possible without your vision and your passion to [see people saved]! Thank you for your heart, your obedience, your love… So many blessings throughout this process. So many great lifetime connections. I’m humbled to have [played] a small part in this movement that will transform Amarillo! To God be the glory!” – Helen, Co-Chair of Festival Por La Vida Amarillo
  • “Greetings and Blessings from Guatemala. I prayed the prayer of salvation tonight. I connected with Mike Silva’s superior message on Facebook. I felt changed immediately. I am in my home recuperating from COVID-19. Please pray for me that the Lord will raise me up and restore my heath. Thank you again for the marvelous moments I experienced watching the Festival!” – Angelita (Our new sister in Christ!)
We are deeply grateful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and YOUR support that made this a tremendous event for the city of Amarillo!
Lives were changed and our reach was expansive!
  • Local news reported approximately 7,000 in attendance
  • Audiences from 24 countries watched via Enlace Television
  • Radio Broadcast streamed on 968 radio stations around the world
  • 27,000 watched on Facebook
  • 2,590 attended the FestiKids children’s festival
  • 47 partnering churches
  • 22 partnering nonprofit organizations
  • 1,020 recorded decisions for Christ at the park
  • 2,263 decisions for Christ via Enlace Television
  • 1,826 recorded decisions for Christ via Facebook
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