Lives are Changed in Xela!


On Friday, the US Serve Teams traveled all over Xela and in the outlying areas sharing the Gospel in villages and with large groups of children.  One team traveled deep into the mountainous region outside of Xela to a village of about 300 people.  The winding, unimproved dirt roads were so steep and treacherous that the bus could not safely drive with the passengers in it.  Consequently, the team had to walk more than a mile to reach their destination.

One member reported that few mission teams would venture to Xela (because it is a four hour drive through the mountains from the airport in Guatemala City), let alone this remote village off the beaten path, a long journey from Xela.  “But,” the team member reflected, “these people need to hear the Good News about Jesus too!”

In addition to sharing the Gospel, teams are giving away gifts and supplies of all sorts to the people of Guatemala.  Communities are receiving soccer balls.  Kids are receiving stuff animals and candy.  Adults are receiving clothing and other important goods.  This afternoon, the team is dedicating the well restoration project that will service 11,000 people with clean drinking water. 

So far, the number of lives impacted by the Compassion Aid projects and US Serve Teams is astounding!  And we know that God has so much more in store for tonight at the Festival. 

Thank you for praying!