Louisville, Kentucky – May 18th, 2019

Did you know one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in America is found in Louisville, Kentucky? Louisville is considered a ‘global city’; now home to a community of approximately 9,000 Cubans and counting. Most of Kentucky’s Cuban population have come seeking refuge from hardships in their native country.
For the first time in the history of MSI, we’ll be doing Festival Por La Vida (‘Festival For Life’) on U.S. soil this May 18, 2019!
This will be a small-scale, big-impact outreach highly focused on local church partnerships, counselor training, and affinity events including pastor/leader conferences and a marriage conference. There will also be a ‘FestiKids’ children’s outreach, action sports, and music from some of the top Christian Spanish artists in the world!
Most Cuban families have come to America for a better life; but many are still searching for purpose and hope. That is why this outreach is of utmost importance. Our prayer is that our festival will have a tremendous impact on this community. And I believe, by faith, we will see a mighty harvest of souls on May 18th!
We will host multiple festival pre-launch events including training and equipping leaders and counselors with materials they need to effectively respond to decision-makers after the Gospel message is given on the festival night.
Please pray Ezekiel 36:26 with us for the Cubans in Louisville – that the Lord would give a new heart and spirit to those who respond to Him! That He would remove stony, stubborn hearts and replace them with tender, responsive hearts instead!
May He beckon MANY to Himself on May 18th!