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Marriage Conference

God is Love.  And Jesus is the cornerstone of the church.  Because marriage is a picture of His love for the church it makes sense that we make love the cornerstone of our marriages.  At MSI we are in the business of transformation and this a task we cannot do alone.  For this we offer a marriage conference for our partnering churches.  To better equip them to serve each other and together the community.
With 120 couples in attendance.  We saw Love reignited and bonds strengthened.  Mike gave an opening message that was truly inspired.  Following Mike were back to back messages by Dr. Jaime Miron and Pastor David Lazo on what marriage is, faithfulness, preventing conflict, and strengthening your marriage. When asked how the conference went Dr. Jaime Miron commented, “The thing I liked is that the people didn’t go straight home after. They stuck around to fellowship with each other, and that’s always a good sign.”
Pastor Mike Silva
Dr. Jaime Miron
Pastor David Lazo

Trujillo at a Glance

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