School Of Evangelism              

Did you know we have a School of Evangelism? Mike Silva is passionate about raising up, investing in and equipping the next generation who are called to do the work of evangelism.  In fact, it’s what we want our “Legacy” to be – pouring into as many as we can, while we can, so that the Good News continues to spread throughout the world both now and long after we are gone. 

Mission and Vision

Our mission at the MSI School of Evangelism is to discover and disciple those the Lord has called to proclaim and spread the Good News throughout the world. Our program is designed to equip and ready the next generation of evangelists to preach the Gospel to every city, to every nation, and to every corner of the world.



Our school is an intensive week-long module where students are taught to “do the work of an evangelist” in today’s world. 



The School of Evangelism is affiliated with Mike Silva International and Festival Por La Vida, both founded by Mike Silva. All members of the staff are employees and ministry partners of Mike Silva International. The school was started with the vision of equipping and training students who possess a unique gifting in evangelism.



The MSI School of Evangelism was founded in 2014 as a short, intensive study program for those who have a heart for evangelism and are sensing the Lord may be calling them to this work in some way. It was developed as a part of Mike Silva’s vision to pour into others, like himself, who have identified this passion to communicate the Gospel but are looking for someone – another evangelist – to teach them and help them get started.