Serve Teams Converge on Xela, Guatemala

City street in Xela

City street in Xela

Some traveled nearly 30 hours from their homes in the United States to the mountainous region in Guatemala known as Xela, over 7,000 feet above sea level.  The purpose: to share the love of Jesus in word and deed. 

Serve team members sprang into action today by visiting villages and a church with a community center for underprivileged kids.   Team members shared the Gospel by performing a drama, which powerfully highlights the barriers that exist between people and God, and most importantly, how Jesus overcomes those barriers. 

Also, in addition to giving gifts – like clothing to adults, toys and candy to kids – teams also gave wordless bracelets to hundreds of children.  The wordless bracelet illustrates salvation through Jesus Christ by using five different colored beads, each of which signify an element to God’s plan of salvation.

One serve team member remarked, “I couldn’t believe their [the children’s] response to the Gospel!  But, when I saw dozens of them voluntarily get in line to receive a Bible – I knew it was genuine.  We ran out of Bibles!”

The Serve Team will spend all day Friday ministering across the city.  Please stay tuned to the blog and keep praying for the Festival on Saturday.