The Water Project!

MSI strives to intentionally harness our efforts towards compassion aide projects that best serve the needs of the community.
For Cartagena, one of the greatest needs is fresh, clean water. The Water Well Project for <name of the area>  will provide drinkable water for an estimated ____ people. We are thrilled to see our resources and energy well spent to bless a community in such a practical and essential way!
At the dedication ceremony, the resounding sentiment was deep gratitude to God for sending us into their neighborhood to fill such a substantial deficit (water) that they’ve had to make due without for so long. There were smiles, happy tears, laughter and lots of thirst being quenched as we looked into the eyes of so many grateful individuals. It was such a beautiful sight! This was a project that these families could not afford to do and build on their own.
The well is now providing water for # families in the community! We are happy to report that the new water system and additional holding tanks installed will provide all the areas’ water needs.  This dedication was a celebration for everyone in this neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Afterwards, members of our serve team preformed a powerful evangelistic skit for the community, followed by an invitation- to Faith in Jesus, The Living Water- given by Mike. Many raised their hands and accepted Him.  Praise God!