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Trujillo, Peru Festival November 18 & 19 2016



Trujillo lies along the northwestern coastal region of Peru and is the second most populous city of the country.  It is a city with ancient roots. Some archeologists believe the earliest civilization in the region dates back to 4700 BC. La Libertad Region, which surrounds Trujillo, has been a cradle of indigenous culture for millennia.

Trujillo, amidst its beautiful heritage, is also a broken place. Infectious disease, underemployment, and systemic societal issues plague the region.  Although Trujillo is a culturally rich and scenically beautiful city, there are a number of great obstacles and threats to the local people and its countrymen:
In 2012, Peru surpassed neighboring Colombia as the world’s largest producer of coca, the raw material for cocaine.  Peru has since stepped up eradication aggressively, and has made great progress—coca production last year was at its lowest level since 1998 – making Colombia once again, the world’s leading producer at present and Peru now number two.  But the problems Peru faces with its drug trade are still very serious.  One consequence of Peru’s position in the global drug trade has been a rise in international cartel operations there.  Mexican cartels dominate, operating particularly in northern Peruvian coastal cities such as Chimbote, Trujillo and Tumbes resulting in a massive increase in violence around these cities.

Families who fall below the poverty line are living on about $1.90 per day.  The average annual income for most Peruvians is a little over $6,000/year or about $500/month.  Many villages currently live without clean, safe drinking water, contributing to many unnecessary health problems that plague its people.



In a place of many physical needs, there is an even greater need—a spiritual one

. 76.9% of the 949,000 people in Trujillo identifies as Catholic.  The Evangelical population is estimated at 15%, while the remainder claims non-religious, Atheist, or other.  This means over 800,000 people are living without Hope and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  For the evangelist, this means cast those nets… the fishing will be good!


Counselor Training and Follow-up: In the months leading up to the festival, MSI staff and partners are training thousands of counselors throughout the city to assist decision-makers who respond in a commitment to Christ at the Festival and the Churches who will be receiving these new converts and discipling them in their newfound faith.

Compassion Aid: We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and demonstrate His love for people by meeting very real and significant physical needs. 
Our Serve Team will spend the week reaching out to local schools, orphanages, prisons, rescue missions, deaf communities, etc., sharing the love of Christ in a variety of ways with both word and deed.  There is a great need in a number of the smaller villages for clean, safe water so our goal is to sponsor 1-2 water well projects, funds permitting.

Two-Night Festival:  At the core of our outreach is the evangelistic festival on Friday and Saturday (November 18 & 19).  The Festival is completely sponsored by generous MSI donors in order to make this a free event for the city.  Big name and widely popular Music Artists draw the crowds in excitement for a free concert by their favorite music groups.  Mike Silva is then given the platform to proclaim the Gospel message in a clear, compelling and culturally relevant way.  As people respond to the invitation, our trained counselors help us collect names and addresses of decision makers that will be passed along to the local Churches for effective follow-up and discipleship.

 Saturday night kicks off with our family festival called FestiKids. Families enjoy face painting, games, large inflatables, music performances, and much more. And the Gospel is once more presented and an invitation given to receive Christ.

Legacy:  One of our great passions is investing in other Pastors, Evangelists and Next Generation leaders who will then all go out and each reach even more people for Christ. Talk about a high return on our investment! Our outreach in Trujillo will include a special Pastors and Leaders conference which will focus on evangelism, leadership and discipleship training. Because access to training is either unavailable or not affordable, MSI provides this ministry at no cost to attendees.

For more information on partnering with MSI, please contact Jenna Silva at
or 503-614-1565.
CLICK HERE if you would like to join the U.S. Serve Team.