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Worship Workshop

Nothing touches the heart and draws people in quite like music.  In an effort to further serve the Church here in Trujillo we held our first “Worship Workshop” last night – led by recording artist and worship leader Nathan Ironside and Antonio Gonzalez from the Grammy nominated group Tercer Cielo.  The 400 worship leaders and musicians who attended were coached on practice, music theory, and spiritual leadership.
Nathan Ironside
Antonio Gonzalez of Tercer Cielo
Praying over the worship attendees

Serve Team Brings Hope

Today our nine Serve Teams set out once again to share a message of love and hope in various schools and orphanages throughout Trujillo.  Through skits and other visual Gospel presentations, our Teams are able to effectively connect with students and children in a powerful way and we continue to see hundreds say “Yes!” to Jesus Christ!
Serve Team member Colton sharing the Gospel with students
Serve Team performing a gospel skit
Dr. Fred Hess engaging students
Young girl excited for the Festival
We are just hours away from the Festival, please pray for our team as the final pieces come together! 
Please like Festival Por La Vida’s Facebook page and tune in at 4:00 P.M. PST Friday and Saturday to WATCH THE FESTIVAL LIVE!