There is Always Reason to Hope

An Encouraging Word From Mike This Thanksgiving Season

Impact – Amarillo Festival Por La Vida

Stories are pouring in about the impact Festival Por La Vida Amarillo had on the city:
  • Brady Clark, owner of a local non-profit in Amarillo who works extensively throughout the city, reported this to our team: “There has never been a bigger event, in this area of town, than what went on when you (Mike/MSI) were here in Sam Houston Park. It was massive! People have been talking about it and it is unrivaled and unparalleled…great job!”
  • “Hi, Mike… Amarillo folks are still talking about the amazing festival that took place in our city! This would not have been possible without your vision and your passion to [see people saved]! Thank you for your heart, your obedience, your love… So many blessings throughout this process. So many great lifetime connections. I’m humbled to have [played] a small part in this movement that will transform Amarillo! To God be the glory!” – Helen, Co-Chair of Festival Por La Vida Amarillo
  • “Greetings and Blessings from Guatemala. I prayed the prayer of salvation tonight. I connected with Mike Silva’s superior message on Facebook. I felt changed immediately. I am in my home recuperating from COVID-19. Please pray for me that the Lord will raise me up and restore my heath. Thank you again for the marvelous moments I experienced watching the Festival!” – Angelita (Our new sister in Christ!)
We are deeply grateful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and YOUR support that made this a tremendous event for the city of Amarillo!
Lives were changed and our reach was expansive!
  • Local news reported approximately 7,000 in attendance
  • Audiences from 24 countries watched via Enlace Television
  • Radio Broadcast streamed on 968 radio stations around the world
  • 27,000 watched on Facebook
  • 2,590 attended the FestiKids children’s festival
  • 47 partnering churches
  • 22 partnering nonprofit organizations
  • 1,020 recorded decisions for Christ at the park
  • 2,263 decisions for Christ via Enlace Television
  • 1,826 recorded decisions for Christ via Facebook
For more information about Amarillo and other festivals, be sure to check out our main blog.

Amarillo, Texas – The Results are In!

Join Us in Praising God for His Mighty Work!

  • 1,020 recorded decisions for Christ at the park
  • 1,826 recorded decisions for Christ via Facebook
  • 2,590 attended the FestiKids children’s festival
  • 412 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
  • 47 partnering churches
  • 22 partnering nonprofit organizations
The media reports in Amarillo estimate that 7,000 people attended the festival. Another 27,000 tuned in via Facebook and the festival was broadcasted on 968 radio stations around the world reaching an audience of 75 million people!
Thank you to everyone who partnered with us to make this festival happen…this is YOUR fruit!!

Amarillo Festival – September 4, 2021


Festival Por La Vida – Sharing the hope of Jesus!

Courage is a Choice!

On Thursday, May 6, Mike spoke at the Central Oregon National Day of Prayer breakfast. We pray that you will be encouraged by this message and remember that courage is a choice!

Hope, Joy, Victory!

God the Father gave His Son, so that His Son could give us life!
I want to share with you a message of hope surrounding this special time of year. I pray these truths encourage you, as they have me. And if you find yourself in a season of pain right now… keep believing!
Hold on to Hope!

A Story of Love in Action

In a time when social media, news outlets, political parties, and church affiliations can be emotional sources of division, hurt, fear and distraction; I want to pause the noise and remind you, through this encouraging story, about the power of love.
Our prayer is this story would spur us onward to loving those around us with intentionality and compassion.
Love in action has the innate ability to transform hearts, families, churches, communities and ultimately, the world!
Be encouraged!

2020 Impact – God’s Provision

While this year did not look like we had planned, God’s love and provision were constant above all. He paved the way for new opportunities we had not even dreamt of. Your faithful prayers and support inspired and lifted us and for that we cannot thank you enough!

English Virtual Festival Por La Vida (Festival for Life)

For the first time ever, our virtual Festival Por La Vida (Festival for Life) will be airing in English!
December 5 at 4pm Pacific – 7pm Eastern
You can join us LIVE via Facebook, YouTube or on our website.
If you missed it, watch it HERE again!

Despegar – Global Virtual Conference Training

The heartbeat of our ministry is Jesus and His Gospel! We are passionate about training others to know Him and make Him known! One of our most recent endeavors is called LED Global — a global conference designed to train and prepare in Leadership, Evangelism, and Discipleship.
August 21 & 22, our Spanish World Team held our first-ever (virtual) LED event! 790 pastors and leaders from 17 countries attended the private trainings. Our hearts are so encouraged, and our team is already gearing up for our next virtual conference — September 4 & 5 — called Despegar. This time our focus will be to help “lift” teachers and leaders of Children’s Ministry!

Blast From the Past Series, Part 4: Take Courage

This month’s Blast From the Past reminds us that…
“God, who began a good work within you,
will continue His work until it is finally finished
on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”
(Philippians 1:6).
So take courage — God is at work in you and through you!

Blast From the Past Series, Part 3

What would it take for us to see clearly; to move past the photo and realize that the image is a life being lived in this moment?
As we navigate life in today’s world, our passion to see people through God’s eyes grows even stronger.
Thank you for joining us in this work.
We cherish the privilege of partnering with you.
Enjoy this Blast From The Past!
— The MSI Team —

Blast From the Past Series, Part 2

Whether the event is virtual or on location, the heart of MSI remains the same: to practice and proclaim the life-changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ in the world’s most spiritually receptive places.
This Blast From the Past video captures our heart for festival style evangelism even in our ever-changing world. Enjoy!

Blast From the Past Series, Part 1

We are rolling out a series of videos from our vault. Hope you enjoy this “blast from the past!”

Virtual Festival Por La Vida – Festival for Life

Watch the video to find out how the Good News message is still going forth through our Virtual Festival Por La Vida (Festival For Life)!