IGNITE TOUR STOP #2: Kenya, Africa!

I can hardly believe June is upon us! We are just weeks away from our next trip on the Ignite Tour 2024!
Our laser-focused aim for this year’s outreaches is twofold: to equip and to ignite.



We are teaching and training pastors and leaders and next generation evangelists…equipping them for a lifetime of ministry and deploying them into their communities. So, the Gospel message will continue to be carried forth in the practicing and proclaiming of the life-changing message of Jesus Christ!



Our hope everywhere we go is to stir up affection for Jesus among fellow believers and new believers alike; keeping the enduring, captivating flame of the Good News ignited in the hearts and lives of others!
I fully believe our success to these ends will continue to develop and succeed through intentional collaboration with like-hearted ministries and people—who are united in vision and mission, and wholly committed to knowing Christ and making Him known!
Partnership Spotlight: ELLS International
We are blessed to partner with many wonderful ministries, and one that I want to specifically highlight this month is ELLS International.
My longtime friend and pastor, Stan Myers, is the founder and executive director of a ministry called ELLS International (Equipping Leaders for a Lifetime of Service). MSI’s mission aligns well with theirs: “serving the global Church in remote places of the developing world by equipping pastors and leaders to rightly handle God’s word so that churches will be strengthened and the Gospel advanced.”
On the next stop of the Ignite Tour, we have the honor and privilege of partnering with Pastor Stan (and ELLS) in Kenya, Africa—August 8-15! We will work together, shoulder-to-shoulder, and synergize our efforts, for the sake of the Gospel. The team will disciple those who will, in turn, disciple others! I’m so excited for this opportunity, I can hardly stand it!
I love this John Piper quote, “Lord, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am.” I’m convinced that the way the Lord plans to use each of us in bigger capacities than we can ever imagine—in utterly disproportionate ways—is through intentional, powerful collaboration! This includes you, me, us…linking arms together!
Let’s go tell the world that nothing else changes everything else like Jesus does!

Costa Rica Praise Report!

We had a phenomenal first tour stop in Costa Rica!
Click below to view our praise report and to see the incredible results and stories of all the Lord did throughout our time!

THIS is in store for 2024!

My friend and MSI board member, Pastor Eddie Johnson, participated as a serve team volunteer during our outreach this past September in Cusco, Peru. He shared this sensational story from the festival:
“…I watched a 90-year-old lady…moved by God to come and bring her whole family to the Festival. She was in the front row…got there early in the morning to make sure she got this spot! When Mike shared the hope of following Jesus…she wept, got down on her knees (see photo), and gave her life to Christ! SO powerful! And so did some of her family! What an amazing and humbling experience. Makes me so grateful and…loyal…to and for Jesus.”
This is the transformational power of generational impact!
As we begin a new year of ministry, our heart is to reach MORE. How do we plan to do that? By going after householdslike this woman and her familyand reaching as many as possible, for the glory of God!
I’m ecstatic for what is in store for 2024! Our team will focus on outreach, training, and empowering leaders and evangelists.

Where are we planning to go?

  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Peru
  • Korea
  • And more!
What will we be doing? Stay tuned! I am eager to share details on each opportunity in the days to come!

Cusco, Peru Festival Report!

Words can’t express the overwhelming engagement and response we witnessed at our Cusco festival, but this video captures the highlights well.
THANK YOU for making outreaches like this possible through your prayers and generosity!

Celebrate Central Oregon Festival Report!

Our deepest gratitude for your faithful support that equipped us to reach Central Oregon with the Good News.
We couldn’t do what we do, without YOU!

February 2023: Ministry Snapshot

Every February, Valentine’s Day reminds us of the importance of celebrating those we love. But, as believers, we acknowledge that every month and every day is a time to be thankful for the love of God, and the incredible gift He has given us in His Son, Jesus! Therefore, we love because He first loved us! (1 John 4:19).
Our prayer as we serve, equip, and evangelize this year, is that we would—above all—carry with us the love of Christ, in all we do and say. That His love would compel us. That His love would transform and transcend cultural barriers. That His love would rule and reign here on earth, and in our hearts, just as it does in Heaven!

We want to share some praises and a prayer request with you:

Praise Report

We are praising the Lord for our fruitful time in Central Minnesota. It could not have gone better! We recorded multiple promo pieces (radio and video), spoke in two local churches, and held several affinity meetings:

  • A Steering Committee Kick-Off Dinner
  • A Leaders Brunch
  • Community Leaders Meeting
  • A Prayer and Praise Event where Nic Gonzales (from the group Salvador) and his wife Jaci Velasquez led our worship time. They did a phenomenal job, and we were so blessed and honored to have them with us.
The Spirit of God is at work in Central Minnesota! There is a rising excitement and anticipation for August 11&12. And we are encouraged by the stories of impact we are already hearing. A local Minnesotan said, at the end of one of our meetings together: “Wow! [Before this Festival] we had no idea of the tremendous needs right here in our own city. August can’t come soon enough!”
Prayer Request
Bayron and Gerardo from our Spanish world team will be in Oregon at the end of this month meeting with local Spanish pastors, as another step in building relationships for Celebrate Central Oregon this July 15. Please pray for favor and unity!


We love the Scripture, Psalm 37:23 (NLT): “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”
What a sensational reminder!
The future is always uncertain for all of us, but when we lean in and trust the Lord to guide us, He promises to direct and illuminate our path! Our team is ready and resolved to follow our Father’s leading, one step at a time, in this exciting year of ministry ahead.
Would you please prayerfully consider partnering with us as we reach Central Oregon, Central Minnesota, and Cusco, Peru?
We are energized, expectant, and equipped to reach many with the Gospel in 2023. And, are convinced that this could be the year we present Jesus Christ to more people than ever before… with YOUR help!

God is mighty enough to light your path this year!

Listen as Mike shares an encouraging devotional to offer inspiration for this New Year!

Looking Back on 2022 with Gratitude and Looking Ahead to 2023 with Hope!

Thank you, partner and friend, for investing in the furtherance of the Gospel internationally and domestically in 2022. Our hearts are overflowing with GRATITUDE!
As we gaze toward 2023… we are brimming with HOPE! In the midst of life’s hardships and heartaches, may we remember our God is always faithful, forever good, and we can trust Him fully! 

Santiago Final Report!

Watch this video to witness the profound IMPACT we had as we partnered together—December 2-3, 2022—in practicing and proclaiming the life-changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ… in Santiago, Dominican Republic!


Join our exclusive online broadcast of Festival Por La Vida – Live from the Dominican Republic!

Serve Teams Visit Schools in Puerto Plata

Our Serve Teams are busy ministering in schools today. The response to the skits and messages of the Gospel has been amazing!

News from the Dominican Republic!

Watch the video to hear the exciting news from Mike!


We are on the ground in the Dominican Republic and so much is happening! Thank you for continuing to pray for our teams and for those who will be moved by God to make a decision for Jesus!