Mike Silva has authored or contributed to several publications. Here are a few examples:

WHAT IF there’s hope for me?

“Every one of us has been created with a spiritual vacuum-void in our heart. We spend our time, resources, and energy trying to fill the emptiness on the inside, but it never works…Only God can fill and satisfy that internal void!

Join me in conversations with God as we read from the books of Galatians and Ephesians, personally answering three simple prompts each day: So what? Now what? Here’s what…”

Mike Silva

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#1 Man: What Every Dad Desires, What Every Daughter Needs

#1 Man is a book about how to be a fantastic father to girls. It walks through the steps of raising girls, loving them, and helping them grow into mature and self reliant women. The book follows life lessons for author and communicator Mike Silva. As Silva explains his thoughts on how to raise daughters, his daughters also weigh in on each chapter. This is a great read for dads and daughters!

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Would You Like Fries With That?

Think you can’t share the Gospel easily and simply? Think again! This short, but idea-packed book shows you how to use everyday objects to illustrate important Gospel truths. With Mike’s brief, down to earth stories, you’ll go from fear to seed planting in just minutes! A resource you’ll want to pass on to others, too!

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Starting Point Study Bible (NIV)

A new believer needs a place to start. A recommitted Christian wants an easily accessible Bible. The Starting Point Study Bible offers both. With a simple study system and extensive notes to answer questions that arise while reading, this is a great tool for making scripture clear. Mike Silva was a contributing editor and vital part of the team that put this resource together.

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