What Others Say


 Max Lucado

Best Selling Author

“It has been my honor to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Mike Silva. His prayer life, passion and dependence on Christ have inspired me. I’m confident God will use him to change this generation.”


The late Dr. Luis Palau

International Evangelist

“Mike Silva is mature in the Lord, in the church and in ministry. The Lord has prepared him for many years now and has been using him in the area of evangelism…to reach into the next generation.”

The late Dr. Bruce Fong
Former Dean of Dallas Theological Seminary – Houston Campus
“How do you choose new colleagues in ministry? Choose those with whom you can share a great friendship. I share that with Mike Silva. Our friendship gives me the confidence to trust any connection that I can have with this Man of God.”


Dr. Joseph Stowell

Former President of Cornerstone University

“I know Mike Silva as a friend and colleague in the cause of Christ. My heart has been richly blessed as I’ve sat under his ministry. If effective evangelism is caught as well as taught, then Mike is the kind of person you want to catch it from.”



Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

President of NHCLC

We have established a strategic partnership with one of the most important evangelists in the Body of Christ today. Mike carries an anointing to reach the lost like few others. Just as Billy Graham and Luis Palau reached their generation, Mike Silva presents a ray of hope for this generation.”


Dr. Ramesh Richard

Spiritual Philosopher & Global Counselor

“Mike Silva handles the title, demonstrates the calling, and possesses the gift of evangelist in the highest traditions of evangelism in Christian history. His is one of only a dozen models that I ask seminary students of ‘evangelistic’ preaching to listen to, look at, and learn from.”

Barbara Rosberg

Vice President, America’s Family Coaches

“Mike Silva is a bold, passionate, and articulate evangelist proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ! Listening to his message of God’s love for us is life changing!”


Rev. Franklin Graham

President of Billy Graham Association
and Samaritan’s Purse
“Not only does Mike Silva have a national evangelistic platform…but he has served with our team in multiple cities and pre-crusade meetings. I believe God will use him in the days ahead.”