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  •  31,417 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 30,000 attended the FestiKids childrens festival
  • 3,680 attended the Pastors Conference
  • 600 attended the Womens Conference
  • 55,000 students heard the Gospel message
  • 136 partnering 
  • 3,615 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
  • 1,280 people now have clean drinking water
Thank YOU for partnering with us to make this happen!
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Results from the Festival in Santa Cruz!

The results from Santa Cruz, Bolivia are in.  We are so grateful for all the Lord did in Bolivia.  Also, we are especially grateful for all YOU did to make this festival happen!


* 31,417 recorded decisions for Christ
* 30,000 attended the FestiKids childrens festival
* 3,680 attended the Pastors Conference
* 600 attended the Womens Conference
* 55,000 students heard the Gospel message
* 136 partnering churches
* 3,615 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
* 1,280 people now have clean drinking water

More Photos from Santa Cruz, Bolivia!

When we reflect on all that God has done here in Bolivia, it’s overwhelming.  Thousands of people have begun a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A fresh water well was built to serve an entire village.  Medical and dental clinics have provided free care to countless people.  Serve teams have distributed food, clothing and gifts to thousands.  Our teams have performed dramas to kids of all ages illustrating the message of the Gospel, held orphans, and cared for the needy.  Below are a few photos from what took place on Saturday.   
Serve team members pray for a man at an area home for the elderly.
Local village and U.S. Serve Team members celebrating the well dedication in a village near Santa Cruz.
The Well of Life being dedicated by village leaders, Latin staff and the Serve Team.
The Well of Life structure and pump house.
In addition, for the first time in our ministry’s history, a home water purification unit provided to every home in the village.
Stage performance at the kids festival, Festikids, on Saturday evening.
Inflatable slides and bounce houses at Festikids.
Festikids’ counselors prepare to help walk children through how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Always a crowd favorite, Raza for Christ, brings high energy to the festival.
Internationally known artist, Vico-C, headlines at the Festival and draws tens of thousands
of both churched and un-churched fans…
Mike Silva sharing the Gospel using the Bolivian flag.
Mike Silva gifting a soccer ball, signed by each of the performing artists.
Woman listening intently to the Gospel message.
A friend of the festival gathering information to connect decision makers with a local church.
A police officer, who made a decision to follow Jesus, filling out a decision card.
A friend of the festival walks a decision maker through the next steps as a follower of Jesus.
Celebrating people’s decision to follow Jesus with music and fireworks!

Thousands Make a Decision to Trust Jesus at the Festival in Santa Cruz!

Thank you for faithfully praying for the festival.  Thank you for financially supporting the festival.  When we pray, we pray by faith God will answer us in Jesus name.  God has answered our prayer beyond what we even imagined tonight at the Festival in Santa Cruz! 

Yes, the bands were great.  Vico-C, one of Latin America’s biggest stars, wowed the audience.  Yes, the crowd was huge.  In fact, they were much larger than even last night.  But, the real success of tonight, was a tremendous response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At this moment, there’s no way for us to know exactly how many people responded to Mike Silva’s message by making a decision to trust in Jesus, but we were taken aback by just how many hands were raised all over the festival grounds at Mike’s invitation.  Also, Mike shared the story of the prodigal son and invited those in the family of God, who had walked away, to recommit their life to him.  Again, the response was overwhelming.

Would you join us in thanking God for what He has done in Bolivia, and praise His name for His mighty work of power here? Also, stay tuned for detailed results on t


Crowds Captivated, Lives Transformed at the Festival Por La Vida!

The first night of the Festival in Santa Cruz, Bolivia exceeded all expectations.  Raza for Christ and Tercer Cielo gave incredible performances for the gigantic crowd.

As Mike Silva took the stage to share the Gospel, he carried two live chickens with him.  The crowd –puzzled– listened as Mike asked if there was anyone who’d like to have the chickens.  A woman from the crowd, who was mostly blind was brought forward, lifted onto the stage, and given the chickens as a gift to her family.  Mike explained that eternal life with Jesus is a gift, just like the chickens were a gift for the woman. 

And when Mike gave an invitation for people to receive God’s grace and forgiveness through Jesus, there was a sea of hands raised throughout the entire festival grounds.  It was an amazing harvest.

What’s even better news – we still have one more night to go!  And yes, once again, God held back the rain.  Thanks for praying.theyoungrens_17theyoungrens_08theyoungrens_19theyoungrens_03theyoungrens_07theyoungrens_09theyoungrens_16theyoungrens_15theyoungrens_10

Fruit that Remains Pastor’s Conference Spreads Hope to area Leaders

It was a powerful night at the Fruit that Remains Pastor’s and Leader’s Conference, where over two thousand people gathered to be encouraged, challenged and equipped for their ministry.  Speakers included: Mike Silva, Pastor Mike Fleischmann, Pastor Yasser Rivas, and Pastor Ramiro Ruiz.   The passion and energy for the city of Santa Cruz to be won for Jesus was not containable.  Heriberto Gutierrez, a member of the MSI Latin staff, recently suffered a stroke, but refused to return home to Nicaragua until his divine assignment here in Santa Cruz was complete.  Heriberto took the stage and led the crowd in an extremely moving, passionate time of prayer for God’s Church in Santa Cruz.  Those who were in attendance were in awe of God’s power and His plan to expand His Kingdom tonight and tomorrow night at the Festival.

Watch the Latest from Santa Cruz!


Serving Santa Cruz – a Day in Photos

Santa Cruz is a busy, crowded, noisy city.  But among the Christians here, there is one resounding prayer that can be heard above all the noise.  “Almighty God, would you bring revival to our city?”  And so far this week, God is beginning to answer as we see people respond to the Gospel message through the Compassion Aid projects and Serve Team ministries.  Below is a small sampling of what has been going on over the last 24 hours here in Bolivia. 
Vendors selling their goods on a street corner in Santa Cruz.
Serve team members Bethany Rice (left) and Anna Davis (right).
Mike Silva sharing the story of how he became an evangelist at Manatial Radio in Santa Cruz.  
Pastor Yasser Rivas talks about the impact of the Festival por la Vida  at Manatial Radio.
Serve team member Darrell Jobe, along with the help of his interpreter, shares the Gospel with university students in Santa Cruz.
Bolivian university students hearing the Gospel message from the Serve Team.
A boys’ soccer team practices at the field that will become the festival grounds for Friday and Saturday night.
University students react to a drama performed by the serve team.

Serve Teams Share the Gospel in Santa Cruz


The U.S. Serve Team converged on Santa Cruz, Bolivia yesterday.  Team members visited orphans, teenagers, college students, kids with special needs, and the elderly.  The life-changing message of the Gospel is for everyone.  One serve team reported that in a crowded high school auditorium, the entire student body stood in response to the Gospel message!


Another serve team reported an orphanage full of kids with special needs, ecstatic to receive the gifts our team brought for them. 


The team also gave wordless bracelets to hundreds of young kids, which articulates the Gospel using different colored beads.  The response to the Gospel message shared through a simple bracelet has been incredible!


Today, the U.S. Serve Team is back in action, spreading the love of Jesus all over Santa Cruz.  Please keep praying for God’s Spirit to change hearts and lives here.


Governor Aguilera Welcomes MSI to Bolivia


Mike Silva met with Governor Aguilera, one of the most influential politicians in the country.  Aguilera expressed his deep gratitude for the medical clinics, dental clinics, water wells and other Compassion Aid projects that are being provided to the Bolivian people at no cost to them.  Mike thanked the governor for his continued support of the festival. 


The team prayed for the Governor, asking God’s blessing on the people of Bolivia.  Also, the governor and other high ranking government officials plan on attending the festival this Friday and Saturday night.


The “Message of Hope” is for Everyone!

The Festival por la Vida has been receiving the national spotlight in Bolivia.  Yesterday, at a press conference for the festival, Mike Silva was asked, “What is the message of Festival por la Vida?”  He replied, “A message of Hope.”  The press conference was covered by all of the major TV and Cable networks in Bolivia.  Also, the Festival is being covered by radio stations and newspapers both locally and nationally.

Mike has been asked several times, “How can the Festival be free?  Who is paying for it?”  The Bolivian people are astonished to hear that you -our friends from the United States- know about them and care enough about them to sponsor the festival.  The grace of God is making an amazing impact on the Bolivian people.


The Festival Week Begins in Santa Cruz, Bolivia!



On Monday, as the majority of U.S. Serve Team members were in route to Bolivia, the long anticipated week of ministry activities in Santa Cruz began.  God has already begun to answer our prayers for Him to transform lives here in Bolivia.  Our team visited a local school and village where work was being completed on a well refurbishment project.  The village was extremely appreciative for the compassion that was shown their village. Also, each family in the village received a home water filtration system, which will ensure everyone has safe water to drink.  Daniel from Agua Yaku, shown below, explained how to use their new filtration systems.

Also, we hosted a marriage conference featuring, Mike Silva and Dr. Jaime and Gail Miron.  The 25 couples who attended were taught Biblical principles for a healthy marriage. 


Serve team members arrived late Monday night and awoke early Tuesday morning to begin scattering all over Santa Cruz and the surrounding regions to share the love of Jesus in word and deed.  The city is teeming with banners, billboards, flyers, radio ads and TV commercials about the Festival this Friday and Saturday night.  People are eagerly anticipating what God is going to do through the proclamation of the Gospel here.  


Only One Week left before We Leave for Bolivia!