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History Made in San Miguel

After months of planning, Mike Silva International’s evangelistic festival in San Miguel, El Salvador, launched to a massive crowd that exceeded all records for the Stadium Charlaix, the largest complex in the city. More than 50,000 people attended on Friday night and about 75,000 people attended Saturday night. The festival tag line Buena Vida, Buena Música, y Buenas Noticias! (Good life, Good music, and Good News!) came to fruition as speakers and musicians shared the message of Jesus Christ in word and song.
The MSI team built a world class program for the people of San Miguel. After music by Raza for Christ, One Love and other top Latin artists, Mike Silva grabbed the crowd’s attention with his compelling, biblical messages. On Saturday night, he opened with the story of a blind man named Bartimaeus. Silva linked this story to the traditional Gospel message about God’s gift of salvation to mankind. He then asked the crowd to raise their hands and ask God for the free gift of salvation. Thousands of hands went up across the crowd and “Friends of the Festival” were asked to fill out a response card with each decision maker so that a local pastor could follow-up with them after the festival. One Love came to the stage and sang a beautiful song about God’s love as people in the crowd filled out cards.
MSI’s team in Latin America moved to San Miguel in the summer of 2012 and began to build unity in the local church and to train Christians to share their faith. MSI also began working with several communities just outside San Miguel that were struggling with clean water issues. In the town of El Brazo the local water source was so contaminated that it left holes in clothing and would kill vegetation. A well drilling company was hired to drill a new well. The results of that project brought clean water to more than 365 families in El Brazo for the first time. Another well project was completed by Silva’s team in the town of La Puerta. These projects were met with great success and approval by government officials. Both the Governor of the State of San Miguel and the Mayor of the City of San Miguel gave Silva certificates of appreciation and the Key to the City as thanks.
More Results from the festival:
  • 9,915 people received Jesus Christ Friday night.
  • 13,380 people received Jesus Christ Saturday night.
  • 77 churches participated in the festival.
  • 1,652 people participated as “Friends of the Festival.”
  • 1,350 women attended the Ladies Conference.
  • 40 people attended the Marriage Pastors Conference.
  • 1,725 people attended the Fruit that Remains Conference.
  • 9,000 people attended Children’s Fair.
  • 18,000 people attended Festikids.