I Am On My Way!

Hey My Friends,
Happy New Year!  2018 is off and running for us with a sensational opportunity. As you read this, our Spanish World director, Bayron Lechuga and I are on our way to Madrid, Spain and then on to The Canary Islands (located off the coast of Northern Africa).
This trip is a critical launching point as we go to these places in hopes of establishing key relationships and cultivating future opportunities for evangelistic outreach in this part of the world.
Would you please pray with us and for us this week?
  • The President of the Ministerial Association in Madrid will be our “host” and introducing us to key pastors in Madrid and in The Canary Islands.  Please pray for favor.
  • Pray for pivotal connections to be established and doors to be opened for future outreaches.  We plan to do multiple Pastors Meetings this week.
  • Please pray for a filling of the Holy Spirit and for the Lord to move in the hearts of local pastors – that they would be compelled to partner with us through discipleship and facilitation during a future festival.
  • Did you know there is a pocket of displaced Latinos from Central and South America in Madrid who have fled there for political and economic reasons; and now find themselves isolated in this city?  They are the reason we are going there!  I want to go to them with the Good News of the Gospel! Don’t you?!
  • As we ask God, “Is this a place you would have our team go?” Please pray that He would make the answer crystal clear.
This is just the beginning of what we hope for in 2018/19.  This year we are going to be more strategic, focused, and God willing, more fruitful than ever before!
Stay tuned for our praise report when we get back.
Mike Silva