Stories of Transformation

Out of the 7.75 billion people globally, 3.22 billion are considered unreached with the Gospel. That’s an astounding 41.6% of our world’s population! So we’re leveraging everything we have to reach just ONE MORE person with the life-changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ! In the One More collection, podcast episodes explore stories from Scripture and videos highlight stories of transformation from the communities we serve. This is the power of ONE MORE.

Video — Part 7: Ramon’s Story

See how Ramon’s life, and others, were changed through the message of hope in Christ.
Thank you for partnering with us to reach ONE MORE with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Video — Part 6: Erwin’s Story

As a gang leader, Erwin knew only anger, hatred and violence. A pastor told him about Festival Por La Vida with Mike Silva. He went to the festival where he heard the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. He surrendered his life to Jesus and now his life is restored.
We continue to bring the message of the Gospel to people around the globe…people like Erwin, who now shares the Good New with others in his community.

Video — Part 5: Jennifer’s Story

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
When Jennifer was at her lowest, these words from Philippians 4:13 gave her hope.
A year after our 2015 festival in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Jennifer shared with us how that encounter with Jesus changed her life, her family and her community.
Whether in person or virtually, we will always bring the hope of Jesus to those in desperate need of Him.
This is our firm foundation.

Video — Part 4: Matías’ Story

This One More video shares the story of Matías, a youth pastor from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and highlights why two of our core values are being church-centered and volunteer-empowered.
Your support makes it possible for people like Matías to grow as disciple-makers and impact communities all over the world.  

Video — Part 3: Pastor Martha’s Story

A neighborhood nicknamed “The Damned.” A church of empty chairs. A woman full of faith.
In this One More video, we see the power of God to turn doubt and despair to faith and hope.
This is our heartbeat.

Video — Part 2: Oscar’s Story

What happens when the transforming power of the Gospel connects with even just one person? A man, his family, and the entire community are changed!
This One More series video introduces Oscar and his story of encountering the life-changing message of Jesus at our 2013 festival in Managua, Nicaragua.

Video: One More — Part 1

When someone opens their heart and accepts the invitation to become part of God’s story, one more life is changed for eternity. Each life means the world to us!
This series of videos tell the stories of one more life that was changed…because of YOU. 

Podcast Episode 5

Luke 8 — Jesus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood
In this final episode of the One More podcast series, this theme of the crowd vs. the one appears yet again. Where some may fixate on the crowds around them, Jesus always sees the one, and this story in Luke’s Gospel shows us what’s possible when desperate faith that won’t stop dreaming encounters the life-changing power of Jesus.

Podcast Episode 4

Mark 10 — Jesus and Bartimaeus
Is it possible to have physical sight and still be spiritually blind? In today’s episode of the One More series, Jesus is surrounded by a crowd of people, but the only one who truly sees Him is a blind beggar.  
Join Mike as he explores this story and what it might mean for us today.

Podcast Episode 3

Mark 2 — Wrecking the Roof
When there’s no room in the house for a man in desperate need of healing to access Jesus, his friends get creative.  
In this episode of the One More series, Mike reminds us that following Jesus usually costs more than we currently carry. Could it be that creating space for the forgotten ones to see Jesus is worth even wrecking the roof?

Podcast Episode 2

Luke 15 — Lost Sheep and the Good Shepherd
In this second episode of the One More series, Mike brings the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 to life. Is it possible that this story tells us more about the Shepherd than the sheep? What does it look like to rescue a lost sheep?
Join Mike as he invites us to see why leaving the 99 to search for the one is always worth it to the Good Shepherd.

Podcast Episode 1

Acts 8 — Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
This episode kicks off a five-week series titled One More. In these sessions from a 2019 conference, Mike explores God’s heart for pursuing each of us as individuals. Jesus often taught large crowds, but He also sought out the person on the fringe, the outsider no one else bothered to see. He offered healing and hope one person at a time. Is it possible that this One More” approach still applies today?
Join Mike as he shares why One More” is still the heartbeat of evangelism.