Mike Silva: Big Questions


Big Questions: Part 3

Is going to church really important?
What does the Bible say about going to church? What kind of church should we go to? These questions can feel overwhelming, whether you’re a new believer or have been following Jesus for years! Today, Mike will look at what Scripture says about faith communities and make some recommendations as you search for a church home.

Big Questions: Part 2

What is real worship?
In John 4, Jesus has a conversation with a woman about the nature of “true worship” that is fascinating even today, some 2,000 years later! The word “worship” gets used a lot, but how does God define worship, and what does that mean for us? Join Mike as he dives into this story in John and helps us unpack this question for us today.

Big Questions: Part 1

How do I get my tough questions answered?
Whether you’re a new believer or longtime follower of Jesus, we all have questions. What do we do with these questions? Do they mean we don’t have faith? Where can we turn for answers? Mike explores all this in today’s episode, geared at new believers but applicable for us all!