Welcome to the family, my friend.  Congratulations!  The greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life is when I said YES to Jesus Christ, like you just did.
If you buy a brand-new car, you get an owner’s manual, right?  This is your owner’s manual!  This is your next step.
People have said to me, “I don’t believe God is real because I cannot see Him,” and “God never speaks to me.” All of that is about to change!
God talks to us when we listen to Him.  Life’s big secret for me has been…when I listen, He speaks!
This journal is your personal tool.  It’s a place to document what God’s Word says to you.  Why?  Because your journal becomes your proof that Jesus is alive and well in you!  
Here is how to use this journal.  Ask yourself three questions everyday: SO WHAT?  NOW WHAT?  HERE’S WHAT.  I love this.  It is simple, but highly effective.  Use the Bible on the YouVersion App or whatever translation is available to you.

#1. SO WHAT is God saying to me today?  (This is where we listen!)

What is important is what God says to YOU.  God wants to speak to YOU.  Pray this, “Lord would you cleanse my heart?  I confess my sins to you.  Now please speak to me as I read your Word.”                        
I guarantee He will.  


#2. NOW WHAT will I do?  (This is action!)

As you read, “God thoughts” (the ideas, promptings, that you think) will enter your mind.  When they do, write them down.
Because of what God just said, what are you going to do?  What action will you take?


#3. HERE’S WHAT I pray…  (This is our request!)

I included a simple prayer as an example for you to write your own prayer.  When God speaks to us, we want to do what He says.  So, in your prayer, ask Him to help you do what He says.  
My friend, our best days are still ahead!  How do I know this?  Because, when God speaks and we listen and respond, it is an adventure of a lifetime!  Soon…your life will prove this is true!
God bless you.  I’m excited for you!