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Excitement Builds as the Countdown Begins!

Mayor Expresses Support and Thanks for Festival por la Vida.

Meeting with the Mayor

Mike was able to meet with the Mayor of Bello last night. (Mayor is pictured to the right of Mike). The Mayor is very excited about the Festival and the potential impact on the city. He personally thanked our ministry for the well project in one of the areas of the city that so desperately needed safe water for the 1,000 families it serves. He expressed how he could not do this on his own and how grateful he was to have our help. THANK YOU ministry partners! This is another life-changing project YOU made possible!

After meeting with the Mayor, he walked us through the city and along the way we saw a number of our “grassroots” volunteer teams handing out fliers and inviting people to the Festival. Among them was the youngest “festival promoter” we’ve ever met – a five year old Pastor’s daughter – excitedly telling each person she handed a flier to all about the festival, who the artists were, the “FestiKids” children’s event, the location, start time, etc. Pretty impressive!

 Youngest Festival Promoter

Setting up for Saturday Night’s Big Event

 24 Hours Away

We are 24 hours from the Festival tomorrow night and the stage is almost set! It is so exciting to see this empty span of open space and know that in just a few more hours it will fill up with people. The lights will be flashing, the music will be blasting, the speakers will be booming, the crowd will be jumping, and the Festival will be in full swing! We heard from the Mayor that only 1-2% of the greater Medellín -Bello area of 4.5 million people are Christians who have put their faith and trust in Christ! This is one of the most exciting things for us – who have come to deliver the Good News of the Gospel – because it means we are not just in the right place at the right time but the potential harvest could be beyond what we even imagined! So PLEASE pray! Pray for Mike as he is in his final preparation of his message. Pray that he would speak with full authority of the Scriptures given to him by the Holy Spirit, that he would be bold and courageous and that the Gospel would be proclaimed clearly and simply. And as a result, that we would see an unbelievable move of God in this city as countless people say “YES!” to Jesus Christ.