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Lives are Changed in Bello, Antioquia, Colombia!

Campos Festival Bello

And just like that…the week is over and we are headed home. What an amazing time! We stand overwhelmed and in awe of all we saw God do. We are incredibly humbled by ministry partners like you who so faithfully pray for and support us. Every trip makes us think of you, because we are there because you sent us and made it all possible. THANK YOU! You sent our ministry to Bello. You helped us provide a community of 1,000 families with safe, clean water. You gave the city a Festival so that the Gospel could reach thousands. Families were blessed by FestiKids. And through all of the work we were able to do with Pastors via gatherings and conferences, there is now more unity among the churches than ever seen in the history of the city. THANK YOU!

There has been a flood of thanks from the city and countless stories of lives changed, and with each one we praise God. A local Pastor called our festival director Bayron to share his story of how before the Festival he hated the other Pastors; some because their churches were bigger, some because they made more money, and others because they didn’t need the support of another full-time job as he did. He said by being a part of the Festival and working with these other Pastors over the past several months, the Lord radically changed his heart. And he began to weep over the deep love and gratitude for his newfound relationship with the other Pastors of his city.

The weather forecast for the entire week was thunderstorms and torrential rain. But as a direct answer to our prayers, the Lord held off the rain for us the entire week so that our Serve Teams could go out unhindered. He also held off the rain all during the first part of the Festival, all during Mike’s message, the invitation and while response cards were being filled out. And then, during the final performer, the sky opened up and the rain poured down, but it did not have an impact. Our God is so good! Thank you Lord for this awesome display of Your power and authority and for the firsthand reminder that even the winds and the rain obey Your commands!

Our Serve Team celebrated a great spiritual victory when we saw one of our own put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ the night of the Festival as well!

We are still working on collecting the final results of the outreach effort of this past week in Bello before we can report, but we will share as soon as we have that available. Again, we want to simply say thank you for all you helped us accomplish. And thank you for your fervent prayers and for following our reports along the way. Mike said it well when he reminded us of 2 Kings 7:9 – This is a day of Good News, we cannot remain silent! Thank you God! All glory and honor and praise is Yours!